Wednesday, May 02, 2007

busy girl

Thanks again for all the comments on the Boston stuff! I got my marathonfoto order in the mail (thanks mom!!) and will add that to my wall of glory, haha. But seriously, I have one.

And Phil, I met Bill Rodgers at the marathon Expo, which is also where I met Grete Waitz, Carrie Tollefson, Sarah Slattery, and Amy Rudolph. I met Kathy Switzer at Bill Rodger's Running Store the day after the marathon. :)

So I have been a busy girl! I took a solid week OFF after Boston, doing nothing. I didn't even go to work. :) The following week I did some light stuff... swimming, walked to work, elliptical, but NO running. This week, I'm back in action!

Sunday: 30 laps = 1500 meters swim in just under 40 minutes.

Wow- that's far! Nearly a mile! Who am I??? Needless to say, that's a swimming distance record for me. :)

Monday: 3.0 miles/27:41/9:14 average pace

Aw yea, Aw yea, I ran, I ran! Felt fantastical. No pain whatsoever. Yay! Also, walked to work this day.

Tuesday: 20 laps = 1000 meters swim in 25 minutes in morning, Weights with Zach in the evening.

I am really doing great in the pool and don't need to rest practically at all. I'm still pretty slow, but that's fine. I think I've got good form and that's what matters. As for the weights, OW, I am sore today.

And now, the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Group run 3 miles (YAY group!! It has been months!), plus I walked to work (in the rain, luckily I wore my Boston jacket and it protected me)

Thursday: swim in morning

Friday: off?

Saturday: 5 or so mile run with Zach

Sunday: swim

Also, Saturday or Sunday: BIKE! My bike is ready - I visited it yesterday- but Zach's won't be ready till the weekend. Then we're ready to roll. I'll definitely post pictures.


GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marathon Maritza said...

Could you please use more exclamation points in your posts?

Thank you.

See you tonight! YEAH!

Milotis said...


P.S. You're kicking ass on the swimming.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the new swimming distance record. You are really doing well with that and your running. I'm glad to hear you recovered so well from Boston. I think you taking a whole week off was a great plan.

So, now what??

jahowie said...

I'm new to your blog. I'm from Michigan so I will not talk about the Redwings come back last night. :-) How long have you been swimming? Are you planning on doing any cycling?