Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time, it flies

Holy memorial day weekend! I can't believe it's been a week since I updated... this is going to be tough. I'll have to edit in my times later since I don't have anything in front of me here.

What a fun weekend!! I was in Pasadena Thursday and Friday for work, and it was lovely. The long weekend was relaxing and fun, with lots of time with family and friends, plus a few fun workouts, a bit of shopping, and lots of reading (Harry Potter). Let me go through this by day, starting last Tuesday before I left town:

Tuesday 10.1 miles bike ride/44:33/13.6 MPH average

This was the first time we went out and tried to keep a fast pace. Our overall pace isn't too quick because it includes peddling casually through the park, but for the most part we were really cruising along. We had a short stretch at 19 mph and probably cruised at 15 mph or so for most of the ride. It was HARD. I am looking forward to building up my leg strength and becoming a better cyclist because that was just too tough. I cannot imagine running after that, and it was only 10 miles! Whew.

Wednesday 6.0 miles/55:04/9:11 average pace

Group run with Zach and Maritza, fun as always. Maritza and I discussed taking a pilates class together Thursday nights- that will be cool!

Thursday - in Pasadena. I swam 1000 meters at a weird pool. The 24 hour fitness in downtown Pasadena is largely in a basement, including the pool. It was dark, the water was warm and cloudy, and it was just weird. At some points the water was so cloudy and the room was so dim I couldn't really see where I was going. So bizarre. It was a good swim though, took 27 minutes.

Friday 6.0 miles/54:22/9:04 average pace

A run along the neighborhood streets near by hotel. Warm and sunny but I took it easy (as I've been doing basically for every run lately).

Saturday 8.0 miles/1:11:35/8:57 average pace

Zach and I got up early and ran because we had a date to help a friend move. That went surprisingly quick, and we had a full day after that. We went on a casual-ish 9 mile bike ride in the evening (about 45 minutes).

Sunday 1200 meters in 35 minutes. This was super fun- we drove up to Walnut Creek and swam in the outdoor 50 meter pool. It was very different to be outside and to be swimming 50 meter lengths. It was totally opposite of the murky, creepy, basement pool in Pasadena- it was BRIGHT and clear and you could see forever under the water! I really liked that, we'll definitely be going back.

So, a little break here to report TOTAL miles for last week: 26

PLUS: 3200 meters swimming, including in 2 new pools!

and 19 miles cycling

No weight training, oh well.

Then, yesterday

Monday 8.0 miles/1:12:46/9:06 average pace

Zach decided to use his "get out of running free" card so I loaded up my iPod and ran solo. It was already kinda warm, and I was a bit groggy but in the end, very glad to already have a solid run in for this week. Here is my plan for the rest of this week:

Monday: 8 miles (done)
Tuesday: pm: bike ride and/or weights
Wednesday: am: swim (cause I skipped it this morning) and pm: 6 miles
Thursday: am: swim and pm: bike ride and/or weights (pilates won't start for a couple more weeks)
Friday: am: 6 miles
Saturday: 10-12 miles in Santa Rosa (we're going up north for the weekend, so we'll hit up this beautiful running spot on the way)
Sunday: hike

Total miles planned: 30-32
Plus, all that other stuff :)

Have a great week!

And CONGRATS to Miranda on her amazing finish at the Bayshore Marathon this weekend! I can't wait to read her report. Great job Miranda!! :)


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow, quite a week! With all of that training I have no doubt you will be more than ready for your first triathlon.

Bob Gentile said...

Great Week JenTRI :-) U are getting in that TRI mode huh, very nice & sounds like you had a good Holiday weekend to with ur family & friends!

Kevin said...

Once again.. I read your post and I'm EXHAUSTED!! ;-) Good week Jen.

jahowie said...

Dark, cloudy water huh? Are you sure that you weren't at the Pasadena Water Treatment Plant?;-)

Nice job on the workouts!!