Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Getting my money's worth at the gym

Tuesday 5.0 miles/44:26/8:53 average pace

I couldn't get any motivation yesterday evening, so I skipped the run and made it up this morning on the treadmill. After my run, I figured I may as well get the weights workout overwith since I'm already at the gym (supposed to go after work), so I did a short session with some bicep curls, shoulder stuff, and crunches. Then, I did a shortened version of what I was supposed to be doing this morning, swimming. I did 500 meters in just under 15 minutes (no surprise I was slow after all that!). Whew.

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Bob Gentile said...

Good job on the GYM workout!! work that CORE, just posted about the VALUE of the COREEEEEEE!!

I canceled my membership about 2 years ago...i got an elliptical & free weights at home...and hit the streets for my runs...so I said later gym...and I have a POOL at my condo to swim.