Thursday, May 10, 2007


Wednesday 6.0 miles/56:39/9:27 average pace

Group run with Maritza and Zach. We did an alternate route they call "the graveyard" which is not so much because there is a graveyard (there is) but because the hills are so big and nonstop that you want to die. :) But we made it! It was a pretty fun run actually, and I do like hills in a sick way, so we'll be back again.

This morning I got up and swam 1000 meters in just under 25 minutes. There was hardly anyone in the pool- I was actually the only one for a good portion of my swim. That's fun. I like to pretend it's my own private Swimatorium.


Bob Gentile said...

Hey Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, yes glad to be back but what an awesome camp... looks like your workouts are going well as usual:-)

I did learn a lot about Junk Miles vs. Quality miles ...

I am going to INCREASE my core workouts & Track work & keep my miles around 45-50miles per week...

Have a great week,


Marathon Maritza said...

I can't believe you like hills, you sick jerk. Boo!

But I literally LOL'ed at your "they call it the 'graveyard' because the hills make you want to DIE" comment. Touché.

jahowie said...

Someone else who likes hills!! I thought that I was the only sick jerk!! :-)