Friday, May 18, 2007

Five on Friday

Friday 5.0 miles/46:39/9:20 average pace

I finally had a good run! :) The difference is that I took this morning's run s l o w. I was groggy and a bit sore, so I didn't push the pace at all. And I didn't have a certain tall cute bearded guy running next to me, challenging my pace. Yes, I love that Zach is a good runner, and I know I'll improve because of him, but dang it felt good just to slog along. :) Tomorrow we're going for a run together so I am hopeful my tired legs will be fresh from today's easy run and ready to roll.

Lillie had a good point that my legs might still be tired from Boston Marathon. While it defintely feels like it was ages ago, I think my legs are still recovering. They say it takes a day to recover for every mile raced, so the marathon takes just about a month for recovery. Well, it has been a bit over a month, but everyone is different. I think I'll cut myself a couple more weeks worth o' slack and keep plugging along. At least I'm getting miles in! And I'm very glad I don't have any injuries. Plus this gives me one more chance to talk about Boston. :P

Last night we went to the gym and lifted weights. It's been a while and I can feel it today. We did dumbbell chest press (I used the 25 lb weights), front shoulder raises (10 lbs), bicep curls with barbell (30 lbs), cable tricep pulls, lower back extentions, and crunches (I could hear Bob's advice echoing in my head! Gotta work that core.)

I am so glad the weekend is here! Tonight we're going to see Regina Carter at Yoshi's Jazz and sushi club at Jack London Square in Oakland. Tomorrow we're going for a run (somewhere cool, tbd), then Sunday I think we're going to go swim at an outdoor pool up in Walnut Creek. And we'll hopefully get in a bike ride too. :) Have a great weekend!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Congrats on the good run. And good job with the weights. I hope you have a great weekend.

MiLoTiS said...

BLARGGGGGGGGGGGGG Matey!!! Good work on your run this morning - you'll be back to kickin Zach's butt in no time :-)

TJ said...

everyone needs a nice easy run every now and then. sounds like it's just what you needed.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Jen, u will get ur speedy legs back before u know it and ur right at least no injuries.... so when's ur next race? sorry if I missed it if u said it already