Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend roundup

Saturday 6.2 miles/55:36/8:58 average pace

The two short runs I'd done earlier in the week felt so good I had no hesitation running a little longer this weekend. Again, my legs felt great! It was hard though, and I took a few walking breaks to let my heart rate come down. I'm still only 3 weeks post-marathon so I know my exhaustion level was normal. I should be back to normal pretty soon.

Sunday we went to REI for some serious Anniversary Sale shopping. For our bikes, we each got locks, lights, and padded gloves. I bought a nice pair of padded cycling capris and a North Face running shirt too. We spent a lot of time looking at bike racks for the car but decided to wait.

Sunday evening we went for a nice bike ride after it cooled down a little bit (it was in the 90's earlier) and explored a new route. The unexplored area happened to include a BIG hill but it was kind of fun. On the way home we were going pretty fast but overall it was a pretty casual ride. 8.75 miles total. Oh I forgot to get a picture with my bike, but here's a photo from online. It's a Trek 7.2 hybrid bike in snazzy silver. Zach got his Saturday and has been nice enough to stay with me for the most part when he could have been just a speck on the horizon. Seriously, with his lighter bike and stronger body he is much faster. But sadly, no bell.

So, last week's TOTALS:

12.2 mile run PLUS

1750 meters swim

16.5 miles bike

1x weight lifting (plus a weenie home lift)

My plan for this week:

(in addition to the schedule below, ride or walk to work M, W, and F. My ride to work is less than 2 miles. The ride to the gym is about 5.5 miles so 11 miles round trip.)

monday: 4 mile run- pm (although it's going to be really hot so I should have gone this morning)

tuesday: swim- am, bike to gym and lift -pm

wednesday: 6 mile run- pm (group)

thursday: swim- am, bike to gym and lift- pm

friday: 4 mile run- am

saturday: 7 mile run

sunday: bike or swim or hike?

Also happening this week: Sharks must-win game tonight v. Detroit, and then game 7 on Wednesday. Zach's parents are coming to stay with us this weekend. :)


Joe S said...


Great blog! I was watching the A's game on my Extra Innings package and saw a commercial about everyone growing a playoff beard for the Sharks? Is the town pretty scruffy by now? :-)

Heard you on SteveRunner!

jahowie said...

Don't worry. They will be able to shave after tonight. :-) Sorry, I couldn't resist.