Monday, September 10, 2007

Derby Girls and Birthday Weekend

Yoshi's Jazz Club on Friday night was super fun. We saw Kenny Burrell and had a great time. It's not only a Jazz club, but also a sushi restaurant, so pretty much the coolest place on the planet.
Saturday we went for a bike ride: 13.16 miles in 1:00 even. It was a pretty relaxed ride, but we did a few hills too. Then we stopped by the new SPORTS BASEMENT in Walnut Creek. Yay! I had no idea they were opening one there, but that RULES. Got some new running clothes. :)

Saturday night we headed down to San Jose to watch my sister-in-law Bri make an appearance with her team (Silicon Valley Roller Girls) at halftime, and watch the Bay Area Derby Girls go at it (San Francisco ShEvil Dead Vs. Oakland Outlaws). HOLY CRAP it was awesome. I had so much fun! We went to dinner w/ my brother Jon, then went to the bout, then went out to a bar after with all Bri's derby friends. Oh and I met Jon and Bri's friend Mel who is doing the San Jose Rock and Roll Half marathon next month with her sister. Good luck girls!!

A few pics of Saturday night:

Jon in downtown San Jose:

Palm Trees in SJ: Derby Girls:
View of the bout from above:

Bri (on the left) jousting it up at Halftime:

So I strongly encourage everyone to check out your local Roller Derby! I had no idea it was so exciting to watch. These girls are beyond hard-core.

After getting home very late, I slept in late Sunday morning. Then I met Maritza and we went to lunch and then shopping at H&M. Basically, I had the best weekend ever. :) Oh, and I also got a promotion at work. :) Hooray!

I think I may have peaked a little early with all this birthday stuff :D So tonight it's just a nice dinner out w/ Zach and going to bed early. I did my first official Marathon Training run this morning, so got my birthday off to a great start. :) I'll post more about that later! Thanks for all the b-day wishes everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great Blog. Hope your birthday was all you wanted it to be. We will be there for the CIM race and possibly your fav nevada aunt and uncle too.

M&D Montana

Donald said...

That derby looks crazy. I'll have to remember to check it out someday.