Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pfitz Week 3- Mission Bay Tri on Sun!

I've messed with this week a little because of the Tri on Sunday. We're driving down to San Diego early Saturday morning, so I moved my long run to Friday morning and shortened it by 2 miles. I think this will give me the long run practice I need but I will be recovered by the race Sunday. Thoughts?

Monday: 8 miles GA (+ Strides)

Tuesday: cross training/4 miles easy

Wednesday: 11 miles Medium Long

Thursday: cross training/rest (picking up wetsuits and going for OWS to try them out)

Friday: 14 miles Long

Saturday: cross training/rest (may take short swim upon our arrival in San Diego to try out wetsuits again)

Sunday: Mission Bay Triathlon 500 m swim, 15k bike, 5k run

TOTAL miles scheduled: 40.1


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I've found that for me the most important day to take off before a race is two days before. The day before, I go out and do a short, fast paced run to set up my legs. If you are just going out to have fun with the race, it probably doesn't matter. It sounds like your focus in the marathon coming up so I wouldn't worry about it too much. You have a good enough base that you should be able to handle just training straight through it.

Have fun and good luck!

Marathon Maritza said...

I think this schedule is a good plan since I know it's important for you to get your long run in this week.


Can you guess what's coming?


Can ya?



Michele said...

Good luck at the tri this weekend

Debbie said...

Good Luck at the Tri!!!

jahowie said...

Good luck with the triathlon. I'm looking forward to reading another one of your great race reports.