Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miles and Miles (and Miles)

Goodness, I have a lot of running to report considering it's only been a couple of days since I updated. In fact, I ran 23 miles in like 36 hours. :O

Monday 8.0 miles/1:09:24/8:41 average pace

Nice run after work Monday night- I ran a loop that has one BIG hill and a few smaller hills, then I did strides at the end. It was a hard but good run.

(Tuesday am swim 1000 m in 21:39. Nice easy swim followed by a looooong soak in the hot tub)

Tuesday 4.0 miles/36:04/9:01 average pace

Another after-work run, and it was a little warm this time. I kept the pace nice and easy and ran on a flat course. It felt like such a short run! My shin was a little sore, and my whole body a bit tired, but felt ok.

Wednesday 11.0 miles/1:39:45/9:04 average pace

Back out there only a few hours later at 5:15 this morning. Ran 3.4 miles with Zach, then continued on my own in the dark for a few miles. Finally the sun came up and I got on the Iron Horse trail for the rest of the run. I felt better today- not too stiff or sore. I listened to The Final Sprint podcast and heard the interview with our man Steve Runner. Cool! I've also started mixing The Onion Radio News clips into my playlist and so far it catches me off guard every time and I totally crack up. I highly recommend it. :)

So I'm feeling pretty good so far this week! I haven't felt GREAT, but I haven't felt bad either. Just getting the miles in and not worrying too much about my pace. I am hoping my body will get accustomed to the high mileage and I won't feel as tired and sore, although I will probably just get USED to feeling tired and sore! haha. I know I've had success with this plan before, and Maritza is a few weeks ahead of me in the schedule and kicking butt, so I know I can do it. I just need to stay out of my head for the time being and just run.

But first, I have a TRIATHLON to do! We're getting excited. I did decide to do a 14 mile Long Run on Friday. Then Friday night we have to get our stuff together and the we'll leave super early Saturday morning and head down to San Diego. I can't wait to see my in-laws and all their super nice friends (all triathletes!) and have a group of people all go to the Tri together. We're doing a brunch at one friend's house after which should be a blast. We're driving home Monday and that will be a rest day as well. I'll update after my long run and before I leave, then I'll make sure to hop online after the race and give a quick recap. Yipee!!!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Very nice job with the running. You are really doing great.

Good luck at the triathlon. Looking forward to your race report.

TJ said...

that's a lot of runnin.
good luck at the tri!!!

Gotta Run said...

I love starting a run in the dark and running into the light. Something awesome about hearing the sun break through the quite of the night to begin a new day.

Seems all I do is run on tired legs. It becomes normal after a while and sounds like you are entering a new level of training.

Enjoy your race this weekend!!

Gotta Run said...

Yes I am nutz... your next event is in two weeks. LOL!!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Yes, it feels like a TON of running! And speaking from my peak week, it doesn't stop! But you are doing awesome and you know the triumphs of sticking with this program...if it wasn't for your high recommendation I would DEFINITELY not be doing this craziness! You know it's worth it!

(Now that I think about it, maybe I should really be MAD at you for getting me into this mess.....HA!)

jen said...

No you're not nuts, gotta run, the Tri is this weekend! :) hehe

Mir said...

Whew, you are a running machine. :) Good luck at the triathlon; can't wait to read the report!