Friday, September 14, 2007

Easy like Friday Mornin

Friday 5.0 miles/45:50/9:10 average pace

Easy run this morning just as the sun was coming up. I made sure to keep the pace very easy, which wasn't hard cause I was sleepy. *yawn* However, as I woke up and my legs loosened up, my pace got a bit faster with every mile. I ran purely by feel so only noticed when reviewing the data after my run. Here's the splits: 9:42, 9:24, 9:07, 8:59, 8:37. There's a symmetry and a pattern in those numbers that pleases me. I was also very pleased by the cool temperature (maybe 60 degrees).

Thursday BIKE 6.9 miles/31:38/13.1 MPH
Another easy ride, although we had some big headwinds along the way that made it a little tough. It was nice to get out though with Zach - I'm trying to teach him the whole hard/easy principle since he's really "new" to this whole endurance athlete thing in a way... He has been running for a while but was never super excited about it. Now that he's super excited about cycling, and is enjoying the short runs he does by himself a few times a week, he is basically following a hard/hard/hard/hard workout schedule. :D Not good! I think he is in danger of getting an injury if he doesn't ease up a little, so I like to go out with him and slow him down now and then. haha. I'm so nice.
Tomorrow I am doing a 15 mile long run rather than the 13 miles scheduled. Since I am doing the Tri in two weeks and missing that weekend's long run, and since I ran 13 miles last week with no problem (besides, um, falling down) I feel it will be better to do a longer one this weekend. I have made other small tweaks to the program but I am staying very true to the schedule in terms of key workouts, total mileage, etc..


TJ said...

60 degrees!!!
send some of that cool weather down my way!

Michele said...

Nice splits.
TJ can have the weather, I want that speed!!!

Bob Gentile said...

JEN Said: I was also very pleased by the cool temperature (maybe 60 degrees).
wow very nice, still HUMID HOT & THICK here in ummm Sunny FL ...getting a bit old, need some low 80's nowwwwwwwwwwww

Nice workouts!! Have a great weekend

Marathon Maritza said...

I think you will do just fine with that distance this weekend, so go for it!

P.S. I'm LOVING this weather too!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Ah, what I would do for 60 degrees. Great job with the run and good luck with your 15-miler.

miss petite america said...

i swear to god jen, if i had an ounce of your athleticism....

great workouts, chica.

and seriously, isn't northern california the best place EVER!

Mir said...

I for one would like the weather AND the speed. ;) Actually the weather here in the Midwest has been very good lately.

You've been getting some great runs in lately. A great start to marathon training. Keep up the good work!

jahowie said...

I need someone to control my workouts. I can completely relate to the hard/hard/hard workouts. Good luck on your next tri.