Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summertime fun and the (birthday) week to come

We had a really nice Labor Day weekend- Saturday we drove out to Lake Del Valle and spent 3 hours canoeing all around the beautiful lake. It was so cool! I forgot how hard that is though- my shoulders and back got really tired. We had a nice picnic lunch when we were done - what a fun day.

A few hours later that day (Saturday) and a good part of Sunday was spent in the bike shop (Livermore Cyclery) looking at, learning about, trying out, and talking about a new bike for Zach. He is really getting into cycling and he's definitely committed, so we decided it was a good investment. So I'm excited to announce we are now the proud parents of the Trek Madone 5.0

We also purchased a roof-mounted Thule rack for our car and all the components for carrying the bikes (plus locks and fairing). It was kinda complicated but fun to put on, and it's super easy to use now that it's all set up. I was worried I wouldn't be able to lift my bike on all by myself but it was no problem.

I'm really excited for him! I am hoping to get a bike for myself soon so I can go for longer rides with him and with the local cycling group too- he's going to start doing that.He had an exciting first ride yesterday- he got a flat AND fell over when he couldn't get out of his pedals. :D I know it happens to everyone, but he felt pretty embarrassed (and got a nasty bruise on his hip!) but he's already gaining some experience.

Anyway, total miles run last week: 30 miles!

PLUS 13 miles bike, and I think 1000 m swim (I didn't log one of my swims, so I'm just guessing it was 500)

Coming up this week: MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Ok, my birthday is actually next Monday the 10th, but I like to celebrate the entire week before. I got birthday week off to a great start by running with Maritza yesterday. Here's the stats from that run plus this morning's swim, plus the rest of the week's schedule- this week is actually the last week before I start marathon training! Wow.

Monday 10 miles/1:38:30/9:51 average pace

Monday pm: approx 5 mile bike ride around local regional park w/ Zach

Tuesday swim 750 meters in 15:03

----- coming up -----

Tuesday pm: bike 10 miles

Wednesday: run 6 group

Thursday am: swim, pm: bike 10 miles

Friday: run 13.1 miles "Birthday Half Marathon"

Saturday: bike 20 miles + short brick run + party like a rock star

Sunday: ?? TBD some birthday activity maybe go to the lake ??


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a pair you two are. hmm the birthday used to be Birthday eve and Birthday, now it takes at least a week. Good Luck and take care of yourself. Happy birthday from Montana. Keep up the great work guys....

M&D in Montana

Marathon Maritza said...

Thanks for the fun run on Monday! I had a blast!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Very cool bike! Tell him not to worry, everyone who has ever gotten into a pair of clipless pedals has done the Wille-E Coyote Mid-air Flop a couple of times.

Great job with the training. So, marathon training begins. Any goals for this one??

jahowie said...

Congrats on your new arrival!! :-)

I'm very jealous. I want that bike!!

Michele said...

Be careful with that roof rack, Lana just drove her bike into the garage and broke the fork!

Happy Birthday Week.

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday...you have a great blog!