Monday, September 17, 2007

Pfitz Week 2

Monday: 8 (4 @ Lactate Threshold pace)

Tuesday: rest/cross training

Wednesday: 11 Medium Long

Thursday: rest/cross training

Friday: 5 Easy

Saturday: 15 miles Long

Sunday: rest/cross training

TOTAL miles schedled: 39


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Looks like a good plan. Sorry to hear about Saturday's running meltdown. It does happen to everyone and it never seems to come with an explaination. I guess the possive is that it didn't happen during a race, rather during a training run. You've been doing so well, you were probably due for one so chalk it up to "one of those days" and bang out that LT run!

Bob Gentile said...

yupper I agree with Chad, you been doing so awesome with ur trainings....welcome to my world of some crappy runs-lol

No worries :-) u got the Boston Jacket to revive you, U rock!

jahowie said...

I really have to find a good plan to train with. Yours looks like a good plan. I'm sure that your next run will be awesome!!

Milotis said...

Good job getting in the miles on Saturday; even though they sucked you still got through the run like a champ and I know your next one will be awesome.