Friday, September 07, 2007

The Happy Birthday Half!

Friday 13.1 miles/1:55:49/8:51 average pace

What better way to kick off Birthday Weekend than running a half marathon before work! I woke up this morning before the alarm went off, so about 4:45. I admit, it is getting easier! Zach and I both had all of our running stuff ready, which is KEY to getting out the door super early, and we were on the road about 5:15.

We ran around the neighborhood streets since it was dark out and felt like the only people in the world. Unfortunately, I learned a lesson this morning which is BE CAREFUL when it is dark out! It is very hard to see things like uneven spots in the sidewalk. Yes, I fell. It happened really fast - I kinda tucked and rolled which worked out well. I only got some light scrapage on my leg, knee, elbow, and shoulder (only! :D) but my hands got scraped up too, one pretty bad. Luckily I do not need my hands to run!! I shook it off and we kept on running. :) We looped back the the house - Zach had to get ready for work, so after 5.25 miles we parted ways. I thought about going up to the apartment to clean up my wounds, but I really didn't want to take a break, and I knew that it would take a while. I had to keep on keepin' on! Plus, I figured I ran 16 miles of a marathon with a nasty cut on my leg and torn up hands after falling at mile 10... so I knew I could do it.
Miles 1-5 w/ Zach were: 9:25, 8:52, 9:09, 8:46, 8:41
It was not quite light out yet, so I ran a half-mile or so on the streets before heading onto the Iron Horse Trail. I think I was the first person on the trail! I was feeling great and running consistent pace around 8:50. I had a great playlist on my iPod - some very motivating rock- Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendryx, CCR, Van Morrison, Eagles. :D It was sweet. Baby, I was indeed born to run.
Miles 6-13 were: 9:03, 8:48, 8:55, 9:01, 8:41, 8:52, 8:36, 8:12
I ran a Birthday Half Marathon last year too and I am not surprised but still really psyched to see I am faster! Quite a bit faster, actually. I know that a single training run doesn't really show that, but overall, I see the same trend when I look back over my log. I rule!
ALSO, last night I joined Zach and his rad new ride for a nice bike ride: 8.0 miles/33:25/14.4 MPH. Followed immediately by:
0.5 miles/3:35/7:10 pace
Not bad! I admit I was trying to run fast and beat Zach. Hehe. It was easy.
I have a birthday-tacular weekend coming up, I cannot wait! Tonight we are going to Yoshi's, a cool jazz club (is there any other kind?) in Oakland. Tomorrow Zach and I are doing a longish bike ride and going to breakfast/brunch in Walnut Creek. Then tomorrow evening I am going to see my awesome sister-in-law make an appearance at the Roller Derby in San Jose. She's on a brand new team that isn't yet competing, but they are doing an intermission-type practice bout. Or something. I have much to learn about this Roller Derby.... Finally, I am hanging w/ Maritza on Sunday and then maybe going swimming at the lake w/ Zach. Which brings us to my actual birthday, which is on Monday. :P I have to work (boo!) but I will also be completing Week One Day One of my Pfitz 12/55 schedule for CIM. And going out to dinner with my wonderful husband. Have a great weekend everyone!


Milotis said...

You are getting faster for sure! Glad you had a good run after the fall - Happy Birthday eve eve eve!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Happy Birthday! And great job with the run! You have plenty of speed, you just need to work on keeping the rubber side of the shoes down. ;-) Looks like you are in great shape for the CIM.

Loved the pics from the previous post, btw.

miss petite america said...

happy! happy! happy! birthday!

i just LOVE how you fall and just roll with it and pick yourself right back up and act like nothing happened!

and girl, i will SO be there at CIM to cheer YOU on!

Fran said...

Happy Birthday! Gotta be careful in the dark. Glad you survived the spill. Good luck with the training.

Michele said...

The Earth must not have been spinning right Friday morning because I fell on my run too!!!

Happy b-day.

Eed said...

Good job on the half and Happy (almost) bday!

TJ said...

great run!
happy birthday!!

Bob Gentile said...

I woke up this morning before the alarm went off, so about 4:45. I admit, it is getting easier!
OMG 4:45am?!! whew that's a workout ALLL by itself for me....

Great job on the tuck & roll:-)

Have a great Happy B-day weekend!

I Love a good Jazz Club! Good Times!!

Mir said...

Happiest of Birthdays!!

A Happy Birthday Half, what a great idea. Great pacing on that run, and way to pick up and keep going after a fall. I love your attitude (...luckily I don't need my hands for running...), haha. So awesome.

jahowie said...

Happy Birthday!! I need to find a training partner to get my butt out of bed. I do however like to wait for the sun to come up first. ;-) I hope that you had a great birthday.

Lance Notstrong said...

Happy B-day. Running a 1/2 marathon is a great way to celebrate :-)