Friday, September 28, 2007

Long Run Week 3- Wanting more

Friday 14.5 miles/2:09:27/8:56 average pace

Awwwww, only 14.5 miles today?? I was feeling so great and having such a nice time, I really did want to keep going!! But, I had to get home and get ready for work. Bummer!! ha ha.

Started out with Zach at 5:20 am and ran about 2.25 miles together. He wasn't even going to run but I talked him into it. Those two miles went by fast, but I realized I was overdressed in my capris (had a tank top on top). When we ran by the house where Zach finished, I ran upstairs and changed really quick into shorts. What a good idea! It felt so much better after that.

After changing I headed out on a familiar 12 mile loop that has me on a well-lit street for about 7 or 8 miles, gradually climbing, then shoots downhill for about a half mile, giving all the elevation right back. Then I turn onto the good ol' Iron Horse trail for a nice flat 4.5 miles or so back home. The first 9 or so miles I ran very comfortable and easy, and was consistant between 9:05-9:20 or so. Then I flew (it was a controlled-fly) down that big hill and just continued flying all the way home! I was feeling really comfortable still and the pace felt easy. My last 5.5 miles were: 8:48 (downhill), 8:40, 8;35, 8:25, 8:08, and 3:47 for the last half mile (7:34 pace). I really did NOT want to stop. I especially didn't want to stop and then have to go to work! haha. But I did, I'm so good. What a great run. It felt great and I didn't have to walk at all (besides the usual stop light and water-refill stops) and was strong on the hills (however slight).

I had a good pod-cast line up including The Extra Mile (Maritza was on!) and the Final Sprint interview with Dean Karnazes (who came to our running group once while promoting his book!), along with my Onion Radio News clips and some good music. There were lots of people out too, once the sun came up, so I had plenty of company. :)

I also have to report a Swim Double! That's right- I swam TWICE yesterday. I went to the gym for a super quick 500 before work. It was quick because I was running late, but I was also just plain FAST! I blew away my previous swim times finishing in 9:23. Then, last night we tried out our rented wetsuits in the local lake. We swam approximately 280 yards and it took me 5:06, which is much faster than I usually swim out there. Sweet! I love the wetsuit- it's so floaty! :) We practiced taking them off quickly last night after swimming and again at home (which included putting them on, good Lord that is exhausting!!). It's tricky to get off, really just when I get down to the ankles. I think it's all about the Body Glide and not freaking out. Any other tips, triathletes?

So we are packing tonight and then heading out bright and early (actually dark and early, before dawn) and driving down to San Diego. I am really excited about the Mission Bay Tri, but I do not have any real goals besides to do my best and have fun. Since this is my first "real" tri (with chip-timing, results, etc) I am just interested in how I can do. I know it's going to be super fun no matter what. I'll post a report asap and lots of pictures too!

Have a great weekend everyone, and an especially enthusiastic GOOD LUCK to Fran who is running the Toronto Marathon this Sunday and will be going for a Boston Marathon Qualifying time. You can do it man!!! He is seriously speedy, especially at long distances. Good luck and have fun out there! :)


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Very nice run! It always sucks when you have to ruin a great workout by going to work, huh?

As for getting out of a wetsuit fast...I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Have fun at your triathlon.

Marathon Maritza said...

Great job this morning!


Paul said...

Best tip I've found is to pull the wetsuit off immediately after exiting the water and then run to transition.

Here's why: Your suit will be full of water and will pop off your ankles. If you run to transition first and then remove it you will have lost most of the water and will have to struggle more to get off the semi dry suit.

Good luck this weekend! I'll be racing as well.

Paul said...

Hey Jen,

I'll try and look for you after the race. I should be somewhere near the beer garden in my Orange and Blue outfit. Have a safe trip!

Fran said...

Thanks for the well wishes and all the comments. Good luck with your first "official" tri. I know you'll do well!

Anonymous said...

It always seems to me that my good workouts are the ones that cannot go over because of other obligations.

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Ryan said...

I love 14+ mile runs before work. Sweet...

SO, I am on the edge of my seat. How did the tri go? Sign me up - my first tri is targeted for next summer. Look forward to your report.

Lance Notstrong said...

You got to run with Dean Karnazes? That's cool :-)