Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2 runs and a snowshoe

Monday 4.0 miles/38:08/9:32 average pace

Felt tired after a very active weekend, but I'm glad I went. My right lower leg was sore.

Tuesday 6.15 miles/54:08/8:49 average pace

The first mile was very slow as it was 6 something in the morning and about 30 degrees. After a mile of warming up at 10:12 pace, the remaining 5.15 miles were run at an average pace of 8:32. The route was hilly, to say the least. I also did a few strides for the first time ever, that was allright. I didn't feel like I was running all that fast in the strides, even though I was running at nearly a full effort. Maybe it was just a slow day.

In addition, Zach and I did a 2 mile showshoe up in Tahoe. Climbed up for a mile and headed back down (in about half the time). I could really feel the elevation when I was hiking straight up a steep section- we were at about 9000 ft + Oh, and it was about 15 degrees. I'm calling it "active recovery." :)

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