Monday, February 13, 2006

Getting lost is fun

Saturday 10.5 miles/1:37:41/9:18 average pace

I had a fun run this weekend, and had fun getting lost. I took a trail that I've seen before but I've never been spontanious enough to take. It took me up a big hill and around this pretty open space area, then down through a neighborhood and I found the trail again. It was very fun. I was really tired at the beginning of this run, and pretty tired at the end, but I was glad to be out there on such a beautiful day.

Total miles last week: 24.5 (perfectly fine for a recovery week)

So this week officially begins my 12-week training for Avenue of the Giants marathon. Here's what I'm scheduled for this week:

Mon 4 easy (tonight w/ Zach)
Tues 6 (2 @ Tempo Pace)
Wed 6 General Aerobic (group)
Thur rest
Fri 4 recovery
Sat 14 Long
Sun rest (tahoe!)

total: 34