Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gettin me some worms!

Wednesday 7.0 miles/1:01:33/8:48 average pace

I'm such an early bird this week! I had no problem getting up and running this morning, and in fact I had a great run! It was kind of cool that I was 4 miles into my run before the sun even came up.

I kept a very even pace the whole time, which I feel good about. I like to do that sometimes, since most of the time I start slow and speed waaay up. Today my first mile was 9:13, which is understandable (it was 6am after all), but the rest were right on pace 8:30-8:55 ish.

The best part is that it felt easy. There were some hilly parts in mile 4, so that felt harder, and the end felt harder as I tried to finish strong (but not tooo strong). My legs felt great and I feel great and I'm friggin psyched for my race this weekend.

Also, please note kick-ass January mileage. Thank you, thank you!