Saturday, February 25, 2006

LR Week 2 Hilly Trails

Saturday 17.00 miles/2:43:17/9:36 average pace

This felt GREAT. I can't even explain it! I was starting to feel tired around the 8 mile mark, but I caught a second wind that lasted till that last mile (which I think is all mental, where you know you are almost done so your body starts shutting down). Even the soreness in my lower right leg was nonexistant, and yesterday it was killing me just walking. And my legs feel great now too. All in all, Yay. The route was beautiful, tons of people. The water/clif blocks worked great again. Oh and I only turned my iPod on at the halfway mark! Then it died with about a mile to go. OH- and I ran non-stop until I refilled my water bottle after the 13 mile mark! A new personal non-stop record!


TOTAL miles for week 2 of training: 37.15. sweet!

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