Friday, February 10, 2006

long time no post!

Well, I had no reason to post Monday or Tuesday, as I took them off completely, as planned. My legs felt really good though! No residual sorenss at all. Actually, my left foot was a little sore, just like after the marathon. But I think that is due to my nearly-expired shoes. Felt better after a couple days.


Wednesday 5.85 miles/54:30/9:19 average pace

Lovely group run, legs felt good.

Thursday 8.15 miles/1:13:48/9:03 average pace

A really beautiful run on the Strand, the boardwalk of Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan Beaches (near LA). It was sunny and warm and I loved seeing all the people out enjoying the beach. I ran to the end of two long piers and could see surfers (body-boarders?) right below me. It was very beautiful and fun. Today (Friday) I walked the Strand again for about an hour.

The ball of my right foot is sore but that could be due to the concrete surface I ran all 8+ miles on.

Planning 8-10? miles tomorrow, then my 12 week training program officially begins next week! :)