Saturday, April 08, 2006

LR Week 8 (wow, really?!)

Saturday 14.00 miles/2:06:25/9:02 average pace

Finally some sunshine in the bay area today! It was really beautiful out, even a bit warm (68 degrees at the end of the run). I had to drink lots of water, and I could really feel the effect of the warmth. But I'm not complaining!

Zach joined me (yay) for the first 8 miles, which we ran in 1:14: 57 (9:22 average pace). I then left him to walk back to the car (another couple of miles, go Zach!) while I went into the Zone and picked up the pace. Originally I wanted to do 10 miles of this run at Goal marathon pace, but opted out of that. I knew I couldnt' pick up the pace w/ Zach with me (he agrees!) and I was just enjoying the conversational and easy pace. I guess I just wasn't feeling pumped enough to crank out 10 8:20 miles. Well, after I dropped him off at mile 8 I did end up picking up the pace quite a bit- the last 6 miles took me 51:28 (8:35 average pace). My last mile was 8:11. :) So not quite a GMP run, but a good workout nonetheless. With Tuesday's 7 mile LT run, and another coming this Tuesday, I'm not concerned about lack of pace work in my schedule. I guess I was panicking a bit when I planned the GMP run for today. So, NOT doing it is actually a sign of confidence.... That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

TOTAL miles for this fabulous week: 40.0.

One more week of hard training and then it's taper time baby.


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