Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monday's Usual blah

Monday 6.00 miles/56:48/9:28 average pace

Well, it started out blah but turned out to be a decent run. I'm always a little tired and tight on Mondays.

Ran in my NEW SHOES, which are my marathon shoes. I'm going to run in them once more this week then do my 20 miler in them. Then I'll maybe run one or two more times in them before race day. I'd like to have 50-60 ish miles on them only. My old shoes have just under 300 and feel fine still, so I should be fine running the other 80-100 miles or whatever in them.

Did I state my plan for zee week yet? I don't think so:

Monday 6 easy (done)
Tuesday 8 w/ 5-6 LT
Wednesday 6 GA
Thurs rest
Friday 4 easy (or 5)
Saturday 20 Long (21?)
Sunday rest

total planned: 44-46 :)

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