Thursday, April 27, 2006

wed. run and Marathon Weather Watch

Wednesday 6.25 miles/1:00:38/9:42 average pace

Fun easy run in the sun with much-missed running buddy. hooray!

10 days to go... which brings up the all-important weather forecast topic!!'s 10-day outlook brings us to Saturday, marathon eve. The discrepency between our 10 day calculation is that I'm not counting today, and is. Idiots. Anyway, it's really sunny and nice for all of next week... until Thursday (partly cloudy), Friday (few showers 30% chance), and Saturday (showers 40% chance). Eeep! Well, though this may look bad, it's actually very good. The clouds and showers drop the predicted high temperature down to a beautiful 59 degrees. I have trained through winter clouds and rain, so those conditions would be best for the race. Not like rain rain, but a drizzle here and there won't kill me. I'd much prefer that over 70+ degrees. Although either way, the trees will provide plenty of shade, so there's little chance it will get too warm. So showers is fine by me. In case that matters.

This concludes today's overly analytical weather forecast. Tune in tomorrow where I"ll discuss the exact length to which I will trim my toenails, including a breakdown of the risks of cutting them too short, as well as the importance of the timing of the trim.

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