Monday, April 03, 2006

LR Week 7 20 miler

Saturday 20.00 miles/3:03:29/9:11 average pace

My longest and fastest long run so far. I really honestly tried to hold back on the pace, but ended up with a consistant 9:10 ish pace. 2 or 3 miles were 8:30-9:00. Gotta say this makes me feel good. This pace is not too far off my goal marathon pace. :)

All aspects of the run went well: hydration (probably 2 full bottles of water), nutrition (5 clif shot blocks total- 160 calories total), mentally felt strong the whole time- it actually went by pretty fast. My legs started to feel real tired around mile 18 but I was done before any real suffering began. Last mile 8:38, so I finished strong. Pretty gimpy afterwards, but today (monday) feel fine and I"m planning 5-6 miles easy tonight.

TOTAL miles for last week: 43.25

Plan for this week: (It's a bit of a cut-back week mileage-wise, but I'm going to up the intensity)

Monday 4-6 easy
Tuesday 6 easy
Wednesday 10 miles (5-6 LT pace)
Thursday off
Friday 4-6 easy
Saturday 14 miles (10 Goal Marathon pace)
Sunday off

total planned: 38-42

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