Sunday, April 16, 2006

LR Week 9: 21 miles

Saturday 21.00 miles/3:13:16/9:12 average pace

What an amazing run. I actually felt really comfortable the entire time and didn't really tire out at the end. Of course, my legs stiffened up as soon as I stopped running, but even in that last mile I felt good. My pace was even, maybe a bit faster on some downhill stretches. I met up with two really nice ladies and ran with them for a couple of miles, which helped a lot. Didn't turn my music on until about mile 15 or 16. I ate 6 Clif shot Blocks- 2 at a time at 1:15, 2:15, and 2:45 ish. Drank about two and a half bottles of water.

After the run I faced an extremely truncated recovery schedule as we headed down to the SHARKS game about noon. (I usually take my time icing, showering, eating, and then I lay around and nap and moan for at least 2-3 hours!) But we ate lunch in the car on the way and I was pumped up to see the San Jose sharks kick ass for the 8th straight game, including a hat trick by CHEECHOOOOOOOOOO!! Then we went out for pizza, and finally, about 6:00 got home and sat down... and that was it for me. The soreness and exhaustion caught up with me and I did not leave my post on the couch until I went to bed.

Here's my splits just for fun:

1- 9:13
2- 9:35
3- 9:32
4- 9:31
5- 9:21
6- 9:10
7- 9:14
8- 9:18
9- 8:59
10- 8:59
11- 9:16
12- 9:04
13- 9:02
14- 9:12
15- 9:21
16- 9:13
17- 8:44
18- 9:04
19- 8:59
20- 9:09
21- 9:21


TOTAL miles for week 9: 46.30
Weekly Mileage Record!!!!!

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