Monday, November 06, 2006


Monday 5.0 miles/47:27/9:29 average pace

It was a really pretty out morning. The big full moon was shining above the pink clouds and you could just see it so clearly. Very nice.

My legs felt great- none of that annoying tightness that plauged me all last week. I felt a little sluggish on my strides, but that's allright.

I forgot to mention that I added up my mileage for the month of October- 222 miles!!!!! That is insane. I think my highest month ever had been like 165 miles. Good gravy.

I visited Maritza's blog (in vain... why can't everyone be as obsessed with their blog as me?? JK!) and she has a ticker counting down to our marathon...

26 days!!!!!!!!!!

I need to get my anxiety under control or I will be a complete mess by then. Seriously.

*deep cleansing breath*

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