Tuesday, November 07, 2006

VO2 for Tuesday

Tuesday 10.0 miles/1:25:10/8:31 average pace

Ok, the schedule said 4 x 1200 meter repeats at 5k race pace. Using 7:20 as a goal pace (which I should realize is a little slow based on recent workouts) I hoped to complete the .75 mile intervals in 5:40. I did .25 mile recovery intervals because it seemed like a nice round number, even though the schedule called for 90 second recoveries. That seems so short anyway!

1.5 mile warm up 13:59 (9:21 average pace)

Interval I 5:18 (7:04 pace)
... recovery interval 2:14 (8:56 pace)

Interval II 5:01 (6:41 pace)
... recovery interval 2:27 (9:48 pace)

Interval III 5:05 (6:47 pace)
... recovery interval 2:24 (9:36 pace)

Interval IV 5:10 (6:53 pace)
... recovery interval 2:28 (9:52 pace)

4.5 mile cool down 40:03 (8:54 average pace)

Hooray!!!! The intervals actually felt really good. I had a little side stitch during the last two intervals but it wasn't too bad. I am so happy with this workout!! :)

I am off to Spokane, Washington for the rest of the week, so I will try to post from the hotel. If I can't I'll just have a massive catch-up post coming on Sunday.


Milotis said...

No Godfathers and NO Taco Pizza make Milotis something something.......

Jen said...

You wouldn't get Godfathers anyway sweetie, I'm the one going to Spokane remember??

Just eat your frozen pizza and pretend it's Taco Pizza. :)

Arcaner said...

Nice going. BTW, the recoveries are 2 minutes for the Pfitz vo2max workouts. The 90 second ones are only for when you do the 600m repeats. I never liked the short rest recoveries either, but they do make you stronger.

Jen said...

This shirt is so you:


Jen said...

Omg Jen, I love that shirt!!! *adds to christmas list*


Thanks for the clarification Arcaner! I thought 90 seconds seemed crazy short. :)