Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pfitz Week 9

Wow I cannot believe it's week 9 already!!

This is my last big week, then I have a 3 week taper. I am feeling so good physically and mentally, I don't feel burnt out at all! I am going to give this last week all I've got, and then try to maintain my enthusiasm through the taper.

I am going up to Spokane, Washington for most of the week (Wed-Sun), which I am very excited about. It's going to be mighty chilly, but remember I got cute new running tights! :D I'm so easy to please. My mom, dad, and grandma are going to drive up from Montana on Friday to spend the weekend with me, which means my dad will be joining me on his bike for my 20 miler! Yay!

Monday: 5 miles Easy + Strides
Tuesday: 10 miles with VO2 Intervals: 4 x 1200 meters @ 5k pace
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 10 miles General Aerobic
Friday: 4 Easy
Saturday: 20 Long
Sunday: off

TOTAL miles scheduled: 49


Anonymous said...

You are doing great. Have a wonderful trip. Having your dad alone sure will easy the pain of those 20 miles. Enjoy!!

Milotis said...

SPOOOOOOOOOOOOO-Compton!!!! Too bad they turned the Godfather's Pizza into a Round Table :-(