Thursday, November 30, 2006

Penultimate Pre-Race Run

Thursday 5.0 miles/41:59/8:24 average pace

The run was fantastic. The pace felt easy, I felt strong. I did just three strides at the end but I was flying.

I had a little breakdown at the beginning of the run though, because my new GPS took FOREVER to get a signal, and it was freaking freezing outside, and I was regretting purchasing that thing, and since I was so so cold I was re-thinking the whole tights vs. shorts debate, and I just kinda lost it. I cursed a lot, and cried a little and felt a lot better. :) I am feeling kind of anxious today, but I'm just going to try to relax, get some things done, and just chill. Whew.

Anyway, after I got that out of my system, I had a great run. For fun, here's my splits:

8:49, 8:27, 8:22, 8:12, 8:07


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frosty Fun with my new gps

Tuesday 7.0 miles/59:38/8:31 average pace

It was COLD outside this morning! It's a rare morning in the bay area when I head out the door in tights, long sleeves over short sleeves, and gloves, and don't remove a single layer. Brrrrr.

However, the running was lovely. The schedule called for 7 miles with 2 at goal pace. I did 3 at or under GP and the other miles weren't too far off!


Yay. I'm so ready for the marathon!

Monday, November 27, 2006

It doesn't get any shorter!

Monday 2.25 miles/22:30/10:00 pace

I was running on the treadmill, and I just could not take any more. So I hopped off at 2.0 miles and ran the 1/4 mile back down to my apt. :)

In addition, the jacuzzi was on the fritz, which was my big incentive for running on the TM anyway (I checked it before I ran).

My final reason for shortening the run is that the workout room was packed with people who I just have to assume were waiting to use the treadmill I was on. Seriously, one woman was just sitting on the recumbant bike staring me down. Be my guest lady, I'm tapering.

Pfitz Week 12

Wowzers. Here we go:

Monday: 6 Easy
Tuesday: 7 (2 Goal Pace)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 5 Easy + Strides
Friday: 4 Easy
Saturday: off
Sunday: 26.2 MARATHON

I am not going to run 6 tonight, I"ll do 4 I think. I didn't get up this morning and I can't do an hour on the treadmill! Plus it's the taper, and it's much safer to err on the side of too little running.

So, with that change (and assuming I do all the other short runs in full), I will run 46.2 miles this week. Yipee!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Long Run week 11 and my new wrist gear

Sunday 12.6 miles/1:47:21/8:31 average pace

Ran at my favorite trail and felt great. It was cool- 40s - but really pretty. Now it's pouring! So anyway, I broke the band of my gps while running. It is easily fixable, but I got a NEW GPS. Happy Christmas to me!

TOTAL miles for week 11: 31.85

Friday, November 24, 2006

Official Results: 3rd in AG!!!!!

My official time is 22:07, and I placed THIRD in my age group 25-29!

Out of 200 people!!!

I finished 117 overall out of approximately 3000.

HOORAY!!! This is my best race ever. For a week, then I plan on having a NEW best race ever. :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday 4 miles total (warmed for race), but forget that...

3.1 miles/22:03/7:07 average pace

Yay!! I love this race and I had a great time for the third year in a row. I got a nice PR, which I felt I deserved after this training cycle. My time for the previous two years was 22:28.

My first mile was 6:47! That's a record for me! I didn't know I was running that fast so I was very happy to hear them call out the time. There was a little downhill that felt great, but I had to pay for it later!

The second mile had a little uphill (I want to call it big, but I called the downhill "little" so I cant!) But then it had a very gradual incline for the entire mile. That one took me 7:32. Yikes! I was working really hard, but I wasn't in any real pain and it was somewhat easy to keep going (rather than stop and walk, which I often do even in short races).

The third mile had a nice gradual downhill. You hardly noticed it, but it was there. I relaxed into the pace for this final mile and passed a girl I had been following until then. I was pushing pretty hard but I knew I was almost done! The third mile took 7:02. Nice!

After I hit that "lap" button for the third mile, I dug deep, rounded the corner and heard them calling out the time... I sure wish I could of pushed and got under 22:00, but hey, that gives me something to work toward. :D The final tenth of a mile took 40 seconds (6:40 pace, if the distance was accurate).

I almost mowed down poor ol' Father Joe (as in "Father Joe's Thanksgivng Day 5k") who insisted on crossing right in front of me at the finish line. That would have been funny. I mean, horrible.

Final time 22:03! Yipee!!!!

I remember from last year that the results were a pain in the ass to locate... so I'm not going to worry about it until I have some time. There's no mention on the website as to the timing company or anything, so we'll see. I'd like to see how I placed. I believe I got 9th in my AG last year, I hope I moved up!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL, and eat a freaking TON of food!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Friday to me

Tuesday 8.0 miles/1:07:45/8:28 average pace

I am off to San Diego tomorrow, so today is the last day of my work week. :)

This morning's run took me almost the exact same amount of time as yesterday (8 seconds longer), but I ran one mile more. I wasn't planning on running hard, and it didn't feel hard at all.

Here's my splits:


When I subtract out that first "warm up" mile, my average pace for the last 7 miles was 8:20. I know that I sped up at the end, but I get the feeling that THIS is more what marathon pace will feel like. When I did my "MP" runs in the past weeks, I was running too fast (more like 8:00-8:15 pace) and it felt really difficult, which discouraged me. But today's miles felt relaxed and comfortable. Not easy, but not really hard. I am hopeful that the marathon will feel like this up until the final miles, which I expect will be miserable. :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Fog

Monday 7.25 miles/1:07:37?9:19 average pace

The fog was super dense this morning, which made the run kind of fun. Especially the strides- you couldn't see 20 yards ahead, let alone 100, so it was exciting to run into the foggy unknown. :P

Something weird- for the first time ever I had condensation build up on my eyelashes. Strange!

Pfitz Week 11

Monday: 7 General Aerobic + Strides
Tuesday: 8 GA
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 5k race
Friday: off
Saturday: off
Sunday: 12 Medium Long

TOTAL miles scheduled: 30.1

We are driving down to San Diego this week for Thanksgiving, so I adjusted the schedule a little. On Thanksgiving Day I'll be running the Father Joe's 5k turkey trot for the third year in a row with my Mother in Law. Since I'm doing this race, I will not do the scheduled VO2 workout on Tuesday, which called for 3 x 1600m @ 5k pace. Instead I'll be doing those three miles right in a row. :) If I can run at the pace I've been averaging for my other VO2 workouts it will be a PR! I'll have a couple days off after that short run and I"ll do my "long" run when I get home.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Long Run Week 10

Saturday 16.0 miles/2:24:20/9:01 average pace

This run felt pretty good. It was nice to run at an easy pace, and not for too-too long. I did get a stupid side cramp for a few miles. It's kind of been making an appearance in like every run this week. Whatever!

TOTAL miles for week 10: 43

I'm ready for the taper. Soooooo ready! :)

Friday, November 17, 2006


Friday 10.0 miles/1:21:24/8:09 average pace

My Goal Marathon Pace run was tough this morning. Ugggh. My legs felt heavy, I was breathing hard, and I had a side cramp practically the whole time. And it was mentally tough, because as I struggled I was thinking all kind of negative thoughts about the marathon. Like telling myself I can't hold that kind of pace for 26 miles. I know that's not true, I know I CAN do it, but blech.

Every run this week was kinda blah for me, I just was not into it. So I'm not surprised this run kind of sucked and wiped me out. But I am really proud that I did it, and that I kept such a strong pace, no matter how hard it felt!!

So to counter all the negative thoughts, here are some positive ones: I am in week 10 of the hardest training I've ever done, and this week is only a few miles shorter than previous weeks. The taper officially begins NEXT week. So I am as exhausted and worn out as I will be. I will spend the next two weeks recovering and my body will get stronger and stronger with that recovery. I have 10 weeks of hard core training to look back on and feel good about. I have KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!! Even if I don't run the marathon, I am so proud of myself. I never thought I could run 50 miles a week, let alone do it 6 weeks in a row or whatever. I was so intimidated by this program before I started. I really had my doubts. But I did it! I have completely exceeded my expectations. I rock. I know I have doubts about my marathon, but that's just how I work. Deep down, I know I will rock it. I know that in the next couple of years I will run a marathon in 3:30, maybe faster. This is nothing.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Thursday 4.0 miles/36:31/9:08 average pace

I have got to start going to bed earlier.

I also need to stop wearing my old shoes. I was hoping to squeeze a few more miles out of them, but they are done. My legs and feet were kinda achy and tight this morning. If I only wear my new shoes, they will have about 250 miles on them when I do the marathon. That's fine. Especially after the blister issues I had with them when they were brand new... I'd rather not have to break another pair in.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Spokane Pictures

My dad emailed me some pictures of our 20 miler in Spokane last weekend. Here are some of my favorites, including one of him on his bike, which I took. :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tuesday 10.0 miles/1:28:10/8:49 average pace

I was supposed to run 5 x 600 meters (total of 3000 meters) with 90 seconds recovery. But without the use of a track, I just did 4 1/2 mile repeats (for a total of about 3200 meters) and let myself do 1/4 mile recoveries since the intervals were a bit longer. Based on the recent interval workouts, my goal for the 1/2 mile repeats was about 3:30 (7:00 pace)

3.75 miles warm up 34:09 (9:06 average pace)

Interval I 3:26 (6:52 pace).... recovery 2:19 (9:16 pace)

Interval II 3:33 (7:06 pace).... recovery 2:41 (10:44 pace)

Interval III 3:31 (7:02 pace).... recovery 2:56 (11:44 pace)

Interval IV 3:29 (6:58 pace).... recovery 2:27 (9:48 pace)

3.25 miles cool down 29:35 (9:06 average pace)

I'm really glad I got this done, I was not looking forward to it. I'm just not really feelin it this week. Hmmph. Oh well, I guess it's best to conserve my enthusiasm till closer to the race. :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Spa Day

Monday 3.0 miles/30:00/10:00 average pace

Ok, so it wasn't really a SPA, but I did soak in the jacuzzi after a short run on the treadmill. I was supposed to do 5 miles, but three is about all I could handle on that thing today. I will run a couple extra miles after my intervals tomorrow to make it up. I actually wasn't going to run at all due to the pouring rain, but at the last minute I talked myself into a nice treadmill/jacuzzi combo. I was kinda cool sitting outside in the hot tub in the rain. :)


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pfitz Week 10

This is the first week of the taper, although Pfitz doesn't really define it like that. This is techinically still part of the "race preparation" mesocycle, and taper starts next week. But it's less mileage, and I have to start mentally preparing for the race. So pretty much taper.

Monday: 8 miles (VO2 intervals: 5 x 600 meters @ 5k pace)
Tuesday: 5 miles Easy
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 4 miles Easy + Strides
Friday: 10 miles Goal Marathon Pace
Saturday: 16 miles Medium Long
Sunday: off

TOTAL miles scheduled: 43

I am making the same adjustment for Friday's run as I did 2 weeks ago. It calls for a tune up race, but there are none near me and I don't want to do the "time trial" thing. I think I could use a nice Goal Pace run, so that's what I'll do.

Furthermore, I think I am going to switch Monday and Tuesday around. I'm pretty beat from my trip to Washington and I don't want to do intervals in the morning! So I will do 5 easy tomorrow and the interval workout on Tuesday.


Friday 5.0 miles/45:45/9:09 average pace

Friday morning I ran along the riverfront trail over the Spokane Falls, and by a really cool running sculpture called "The Joy of Running Together."

The whole week was pretty freaking chilly, with the highest temp around 40, and plenty of mornings below freezing. Luckily my Friday and Saturday runs were dry, although it was really windy Saturday.

Saturday 20.0 miles/3:02:42/9:08 average pace

This was by far the highlight of the trip. My dad rode his bike and together we ran along the Centennial Trail east of Spokane. He took a bunch of pictures which I can post later, but I can tell you it was gorgeous. The trail was partially along the river, sometimes in a wooded area, and it even passed through a cute little town and through the countryside. It was great. :) The run felt fantastic- it really helped to have my dad there with me!

TOTAL miles for week 9: 50

I was actually scheduled to run only 49 miles this week (4 on Friday, I did 5). But I thought the mental boost of hitting 50 miles one more time was worth it. I'm feeling really good!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jen of the North

Thursday 10.0 miles/1:30:26/9:03 average pace

It's sooooooooo cold up here! It was about 30 degrees and raining when I started my run today. But I warmed up and survived. It was actually really pretty and fun.

first 5 miles: 47:58 (9:24 average pace)

last 5 miles: 43:26 (8:41 average pace)

Haha, that really illustrates the concept of warming up!

My last few miles were EXACTLY 8:40 pace. :)

Allright gotta go... on hotel computer in lobby.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

VO2 for Tuesday

Tuesday 10.0 miles/1:25:10/8:31 average pace

Ok, the schedule said 4 x 1200 meter repeats at 5k race pace. Using 7:20 as a goal pace (which I should realize is a little slow based on recent workouts) I hoped to complete the .75 mile intervals in 5:40. I did .25 mile recovery intervals because it seemed like a nice round number, even though the schedule called for 90 second recoveries. That seems so short anyway!

1.5 mile warm up 13:59 (9:21 average pace)

Interval I 5:18 (7:04 pace)
... recovery interval 2:14 (8:56 pace)

Interval II 5:01 (6:41 pace)
... recovery interval 2:27 (9:48 pace)

Interval III 5:05 (6:47 pace)
... recovery interval 2:24 (9:36 pace)

Interval IV 5:10 (6:53 pace)
... recovery interval 2:28 (9:52 pace)

4.5 mile cool down 40:03 (8:54 average pace)

Hooray!!!! The intervals actually felt really good. I had a little side stitch during the last two intervals but it wasn't too bad. I am so happy with this workout!! :)

I am off to Spokane, Washington for the rest of the week, so I will try to post from the hotel. If I can't I'll just have a massive catch-up post coming on Sunday.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Monday 5.0 miles/47:27/9:29 average pace

It was a really pretty out morning. The big full moon was shining above the pink clouds and you could just see it so clearly. Very nice.

My legs felt great- none of that annoying tightness that plauged me all last week. I felt a little sluggish on my strides, but that's allright.

I forgot to mention that I added up my mileage for the month of October- 222 miles!!!!! That is insane. I think my highest month ever had been like 165 miles. Good gravy.

I visited Maritza's blog (in vain... why can't everyone be as obsessed with their blog as me?? JK!) and she has a ticker counting down to our marathon...

26 days!!!!!!!!!!

I need to get my anxiety under control or I will be a complete mess by then. Seriously.

*deep cleansing breath*

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pfitz Week 9

Wow I cannot believe it's week 9 already!!

This is my last big week, then I have a 3 week taper. I am feeling so good physically and mentally, I don't feel burnt out at all! I am going to give this last week all I've got, and then try to maintain my enthusiasm through the taper.

I am going up to Spokane, Washington for most of the week (Wed-Sun), which I am very excited about. It's going to be mighty chilly, but remember I got cute new running tights! :D I'm so easy to please. My mom, dad, and grandma are going to drive up from Montana on Friday to spend the weekend with me, which means my dad will be joining me on his bike for my 20 miler! Yay!

Monday: 5 miles Easy + Strides
Tuesday: 10 miles with VO2 Intervals: 4 x 1200 meters @ 5k pace
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 10 miles General Aerobic
Friday: 4 Easy
Saturday: 20 Long
Sunday: off

TOTAL miles scheduled: 49

Wine Country Weekend

Saturday 17.0 miles/2:33:49/9:03 average pace

We had such a good time up in Santa Rosa! The run was really beautiful as you can see from the picture, and it felt great. My GPS was acting up and I had to reset it in the middle of the run, so I can easily provide these numbers:

First 6.5 miles: 59:40 (9:11 average pace)

Last 10.5 miles: 1:34:09 (8:58 average pace)

Other highlights of the trip include:

Delicious dinner at a french restaurant in Santa Rosa's historic Railroad Square

And watching the Sharks win while enjoying a few drinks at the bar at our hotel. Check out the cool yellow Onyx bar (matches my lemon drop martini just beautifully)

To top it off we stopped at the outlet stores on the way home (I got cute Puma running tights and a new purse), and then had lunch in North Beach in SF. It was a great weekend- beautiful weather, a fun run, delicious dinner, Sharks hockey, martinis, shopping... what more could you want. :)


TOTAL miles for this fantastic week: 50.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Fine Friday Run

Friday 10.00 miles/1:21:11/8:07 average pace

The goal of this run was to practice my marathon pace. I didn't really do that (unless I end up running a 3:32 marathon... HA!) but it was a great workout and a fun run.

It was drizzling most of the time, pretty heavy at some points, so I ended up totally soaked. It was kind of fun though, it was my first run in the rain since spring and I felt hard core.

I made another friend- which was pretty amazing considering we were practically the ONLY two runners out there- and he really helped me keep my pace. He's a super fast marathoner who I have seen out running before, and he's a well-connected runner too. Apparently he knows Dean Karnazes!! And a bunch of other nationally competitive runners who I'd never heard of. He was super nice and told me about his marathon experiences, and I told him about mine. We are both running CIM so we talked about our training too. He not only helped me run 8:00-8:15 miles for about 30 minutes (which was obviously his warm-up pace, as he split off to do track work), but he really helped my confidence! He told me I had perfect form, and also told me I had the perfect body for running- tight and compact. It wasn't as creepy as it sounds... it was in context and either way, who cares! It made me feel damn good. He also told me I'll get my goal in Sacramento. I can't help but believe him.

here's my splits:

7:37 (oops)
8:15 (enter Mark, super runner and ego-booster of the week)
8:00 (bye Mark, and God friggin Bless you!!)

I was well ahead of my goal pace (let's call it 8:20), and I was pretty worn out by the end, so again I don't think this is reason to adjust my goal. I think I'm just running too fast in certain workouts. But once again, I'm feeling confident about my goal of 3:40.

I'm writing that out because I know that in approximately 2 weeks my confidence is going to take a nose dive and I'll be a complete wreck. Gotta love the taper.

PS I love that when I spell-check it always suggests I replace "marathoner" with "Mortimer." :D

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Foggy, Soggy Thursday

Thursday 4.0 miles/36:45/9:11 average pace

It rained last night and was pretty wet out there this morning. It was actually kinda warm, which made it feel muggy. The run felt allright, my lower legs were pretty tight and I was too warm in my running pants and long sleeves. Actually it wasn't that bad, I just am a little grumpy today. I realized this earlier when I saw a posting about parking/garage use rules outside my apartment, and the number of typos made me want to go on a shooting spree.