Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boston Photos

Hello Boston
Good luck flowers waiting in the hotel Forecast


Downtown Boston

Picking up the number

Bill Rodgers

Grete Waitz (9-time winner of NYC Marathon)

Carrie Tollefson, Amy Rudolph, and Sara Slattery

Loading on the bus

Runners heading to the finish

There I am!


Zach's Birthday cake

Birthday/Marathon Dinner

Samuel Adams statue and Faneuil Hall

Kathy Switzer- first woman to run the Boston Marathon with a number (in 1967)

Last day in rainy Boston


Bob Gentile said...

HOLY Crap... can you get any more pics with the Best of the Best Runners - wow Kathy Switzer, looks like she can Rock another Marathon.... You got some great pics!!

My favorite one though is you holding up your Medal with the other finishers with your space blanket....I want to SEE a pic of that BOSTON Jacket:-) is that there?

Talk about a High!! whenever you get a little downer day cause we all get them from time to time ... you just LOOK at these pics :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great pictures! Did that smile ever leave you while you were in Boston? I'm betting it didn't.

Fran said...

Great pictures and race report. Congratulations on a job well done.

Cory said...

Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

TJ said...

great pics jen!
awesome race!!!

Lance Notstrong said...

Holy crap!!! I thought it was cold and raining there. What are you doing in a tank top and shorts? Hardcore!!!

Carboman said...

holy crap! stupendous shots! boston billy, grete waitz, et al... and carrie tollefson signing posters! that's what i call a marathon expo.

congrats on a great race and belated birthday wishes!