Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Nothing much to report, I'm in LA for work today and tomorrow.

Monday morning I went to the pool for an easy, short swim of 500 meters. There was hardly anyone in the pool, it was so nice!

I'm doing nothing today (sweet) and going for a run tomorrow morning. I've stayed at this hotel before so I've got a little park loop I know. I don't even know how far I'll run- 5 miles? Then I will run Friday morning, 5 or so miles I guess, then I'm OFF to Boston!!! We leave Saturday morning and arrive around 8pm Saturday night. Weee!

My leg is feeling just fine, it was really only sore Saturday after the hard (as in awesome) run. Probably just my body telling me to taper like a fool this week to make sure I'm ready to rock monday. And rock I shall!

Ok gotta go. :)

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TJ said...

Rock on Jen!