Monday, April 16, 2007

Wow. Just Wow.

Monday 26.2 miles/3:55:18/8:59 average pace

Fantastic. The weather was much better than they predicted. The people along the course were so amazing and loud! Heartbreak hill was a killer. I saw my parents and Zach as I ran toward the finish on Boylston street. Everything about it was incredible.

Highlights of the weekend so far:

I met Bill Rodgers!!!

I ran with Steve Runner of my most favoritest podcast Phedippidations!!!

I got tons of Boston Marathon swag and love every overpriced thing I got.

I'm having a blast with my parents and Zach.

I'm going to a bar to watch the sharks kick ass.

I ran the freaking Boston Marathon.

SO much more to follow when I get home. Thanks for all the good luck wishes everyone, it really helped!! Can't wait to share the rest with you all. :)


Cory said...

Awesome job Jen!!

Bob Gentile said...

JEN Said: I ran the freaking Boston Marathon.
LOL yes YOU DID!! and You did Awesome!!

SO cool you met Bill Rodgers & you saw ur parents & Zach at the finish line...

Way to Goooooooooooooooooo JEN! can't wait for the rest of the story.

TJ said...

great race jen! very cool!
looking forward to the full report.

McBrideFarm said...

Congrats, Jen! I was tracking you on-line. :) So, so happy for you!

Lance Notstrong said...

You rock Jen!!!

Kevin said...

You ran the FREAKING BOSTON MARATHON! That sums it up Jen, but doesn't even come close! Now relax and enjoy! Then of course, you will pick your next mountain to climb and it's back to your 6-a-day workouts! ;-)
Congrats Jen!

Marathon Maritza said...


Jessica Deline said...

BIG Congrats!!

Michele said...

Awesome time. Can't wait for the full report.

Fran said...


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job, Jen!!

I was beginning to wonder if all that swimming you had been doing really was going to come in handy. I'm glad the weather relented for you and the rest of the marathoners.

Enjoy the victory!!

jeffem said...

Awesome job Jen! What a memorable experience it had to have been. Now I got to get there!