Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday competition

Monday 4.0 mile/33:40/8:25 average pace

So, I am really excited for Zach and his new found love and talent for running, but come on. This was supposed to be an easy/recovery run, and we ended up literally racing at full speed in the final stretch. And the really sick thing is, he beat me. Ya, I know, he couldn't run 20+ miles, but still, NO FAIR!!! :D ha ha, no I really am super proud of him, and I LOVE the thought of having someone push me. Or rather, making me push myself. He's the first to admit that I"m "the runner" but man, this really brings out my ego. I like to tease him and make him feel bad about "leaving me in the dust" but it's all a joke. I am so lucky to have him. He's my perfect husband, my best friend, and now, my running buddy. :)

Here's "our" splits (eye roll)


I am doing today's run alone, but it would be nice to have a pacer for my Tempo miles... :)

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Ok, doesn't your husband realize the cardinal rule of marriage...even if he wins, he is going to lose in the end. The wife always wins. This is 11 years of blissful marriage talking.

Great job with the run, even if you broke all of your own rules. ;-)