Friday, April 27, 2007

Last of the Boston stuff: Video, Photo, and Audio


Just came across this web page - a local Boston news station - and I found the video of me running across the finish line last week!

At the bottom, select WAVE 2 and type in a time of 4:10:18 (my finish time + 15 minutes, since that's how long it took me to cross the starting line). I'll be running right down the middle about 20 seconds into the video, and cross the finish line at 27 seconds into the video. I'm in a white tank top, white visor, and shorts - see a still shot here:


Select Boston Marathon 2007, last name Barnes, Bib # 14944. There's a few good shots there!


Also, during the race I came across Steve Walker, who in case you don't know, has a running podcast called Phedippidations that I listen to all the time. We ran together and chatted for a couple of minutes. He records the show while running, including during this race, and our whole conversation is on the Episode 93: 111th Boston Marathon Podcast! I make my appearance about 25 or 30 minutes into the 60 minute show, but the entire episode is worth listening to. He's a really nice guy! I haven't listened to the latest episode yet, Episode 94: More Memories of Boston, but Maritza heard it and said that he reads my race report! So check that out too if you want.

On the left hand side, there's a "Podcast Archive" link where you can download episode 93, and episode 94 can be found right on the home page. I usually just download the shows from iTunes. They are free. :)

It's amazing the technology we have today. I love that I can share actual video and audio clips of me during the race! The photos are great, but this stuff is just cool.

In other news, I swam this morning. I did 20 laps = 1000 meters in just over 25 minutes again! Maybe about 27 minutes but still very good. I realized I don't need to rest as much as I was, so the time difference is just the lack of rest. I'm swimming the same speed as before. It was a fun swim and I can't wait to go this weekend with Zach.

Also, we are getting BIKES this weekend! I'm just going with an inexpensive (ha!) hybrid bike, and Zach's getting one too, so we'll be able to cruise all around together. I'll also use it to commute to work. Sweet! I'll post a picture for sure. It's going to be in the 80s this weekend, so I'm sure we'll be on them all weekend (especially since I'm not running yet). Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Allright, where were we?

First, a few reflections on the Boston Marathon. I'm really, really satisfied. The whole experience more than lived up to the hype, and we had a super fun time there. I'm proud of my race. It was harder than I anticipated- those hills were tough! The cold weather and wind probably did have an effect on my pace, even though I was oblivious at the time. But I had a great time, I high-fived probably over a hundred people, and I screamed and yelled WHILE running. I pumped my fist and raised my arms as I crossed the finish line. I have no regrets.

But, I know the whole affair is finally nearing its end. The stories have been told, the pictures shown, the MarathonFoto prints ordered, the receipts added up (ouch!), the laundry done, and the souvenir magnet placed on the refrigerator. My legs aren't even sore any more. I'll admit I'm really sad to see it end. I'm familiar with this post-marathon lull, the period after the big exciting event and the before the commitment to a new goal, but this time it's even harder. I'm really done recovering, and now it's on to rebuilding. I have some goals, but man, Boston is going to be hard to follow.

I've promised myself that I'll take two full weeks off from running after Boston. So, I won't be doing any running for a few more days. My legs feel great though. I've started cross training again though- Sunday I did 500 easy meters in the pool. Monday I did the elliptical for 30 minutes, and this morning I swam 1000 meters in 25 minutes- a BIG improvement in my time! I haven't made it in to the gym for weight training yet, but that's coming. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine but keeping the variety- running, swimming, weights... and I'm definitely going to get a bike! I'll probably go with an inexpensive hybrid bike, so I can use it to commute to work and for fun rides on weekends, and to try my first triathlon (or two!). I can always get a nice road bike later on if I decide I like it.

So, in an effort to stay positive, I'm going to throw out some goals:

1- Carneros Wine Country Half Marathon- July 15th - I'm already registered for this race and SO is Zach!! His first half! :) I'll go for a PR, which currently stands at about 1:45.

2- Work on my swimming. Try some open-water swimming and maybe get some instruction. I've really come to love swimming and would like to improve.

3- Triathlon... no exact event picked yet, but there's a great "Try the Tri" series in my area that I'd love to do. It's really focused on beginners and it's in a local lake (pond, really) so no scary open ocean swimming. Then I think we'll go down and do the Mission Bay Tri with my mother-in-law Melanie, in San Diego. She's been into tris for a few years now and is my inspiration for doing a triathlon!

4- Marathon... I haven't picked one or really decided for sure, but I can see myself trying for a marathon PR this fall. Maybe at CIM again? Not sure. But I'm thinking 3:35.

Thank you again to everyone who reads my blog and has offered me support and encouragement! It really means a lot to me. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boston Photos

Hello Boston
Good luck flowers waiting in the hotel Forecast


Downtown Boston

Picking up the number

Bill Rodgers

Grete Waitz (9-time winner of NYC Marathon)

Carrie Tollefson, Amy Rudolph, and Sara Slattery

Loading on the bus

Runners heading to the finish

There I am!


Zach's Birthday cake

Birthday/Marathon Dinner

Samuel Adams statue and Faneuil Hall

Kathy Switzer- first woman to run the Boston Marathon with a number (in 1967)

Last day in rainy Boston

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Holy crap that was sweet: Boston Marathon Race Report


This was my first Boston, and my fourth marathon overall. I qualified in December at the Cal International Marathon in Sacramento with 3:39:22. My first marathon was just over a year before that- the Nike Women’s Marathon in Oct. 2005 (3:55), and I ran the Avenue of the Giants Marathon in May 2006 in 3:45. After my qualifying race at CIM, I was out of commission for about 6 weeks with a sore knee. I saw a doctor, who couldn’t find anything really wrong and just advised I take some time off. That was really, really rough. This was my first real setback since I started running and it shook me up. I gained a whole new perspective on and appreciation for my running.

When I resumed running I felt great. It took a few weeks to get my fitness back. I had my first run January 12, just 14 weeks before Boston. After a few easy weeks, I started a 10 week program. I was careful and conservative, my only goal being to be strong enough to run the distance, with no time goal. My training went much better than expected. My leg never bothered me again. My long runs went 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 17, 20, 16, 12, race. I ran 4 days a week and included tempo runs, speedwork, and mid-week longer runs of 10-12 miles. My paces were right on with my previous training cycle. My mileage peaked at 45, with just 3 weeks over 40. I incorporated a lot of cross training, which was completely new to me. I’ve never been able to swim, but I learned, loved it, and started going 2-3 times a week. I swam on the days I didn’t run, with usually no complete rest days in the week. I also lifted weights twice a week with my husband. I felt fantastic. My running was mild enough that I could easily handle the extra cross training. Also turns out I LOVE swimming! I am now planning on doing a triathlon this summer.

Race Weekend

This would be my first trip to the east coast. It was a first for my husband Zach, and my Mom and Dad (who flew out from Montana) too. Monday also happened to be my husband’s birthday. We made the most of our 4 days there and had a blast. We stayed in Cambridge and took the T around, just soaking it all up. This was the first time my parents came and saw me run a race (I only started running after I moved to California). It was perfect. The whole city of Boston makes such a big deal of the race that it’s easy for non-runners to get excited about it. Zach, as always, was my loyal crew and supporter.

I was so excited I pretty much overlooked the weather. I honestly couldn’t believe some people’s negative attitudes. I’m sure if I was really going for a PR I’d be worried, but still. I decided not to waste the energy. I just crossed my fingers and dressed properly. I was pretty satisfied with how the weather turned out, after the doomsday predictions!

The Expo was impressive, and really really crowded. I bought some stuff, including a daring last-minute purchase of a singlet I decided to wear for the race, my previous choice not being wick-y enough. The best part of the expo was meeting amazing and friendly Bill Rodgers, and also Grete Waitz, Carrie Tollefson, Amy Rudolph, Sara Slattery, Todd Williams, and Tim Broe. They were all so great, and totally inspiring.

Race Strategy

I was going to do my best and enjoy every second of it. That’s pretty much it. I figured I wouldn’t re-qualify or PR, but I thought I could run 3:45 ish (8:35 pace). I wanted to run smart – go easy on the downhills, run strong on the uphills, and finish strong.

Race Day

I slept pretty well and woke up energized. It was pretty decent outside- warmer at least and not really raining. Boston Common was so beautiful. I got on the bus about 6:45 and rode up to Hopkinton in the steamy little box. The Athlete’s Village was big and crowded and wet. I wore old shoes and socks, I put bags over the shoes, and I wore a poncho and sweats too. I mucked around for a couple of hours, taking shelter in the tents (the weather was all over the place, downright nasty at times), using the porto potty, waiting. Finally the first wave runners had all exited, and the second wave runners started heading out. It was really raining at this point, so I stayed under cover for as long as possible. I changed out of my warm stuff – settling on a race outfit of shorts, singlet, long-sleeve tech shirt, garbage bag, and gloves. I kept my poncho on for now too. At the buses, I changed into dry shoes and socks, checked my bag, then headed up to the start at the back of the pack. The ‘gun’ went off (I head an announcement) and I was still on Grove Street, not even close to the corrals! Oh well, I popped into the porto potty once more (why not), shed the poncho, and finally crossed the starting line at 10:45.

It was pretty tight, and I spent the first few miles dodging people (and puddles). I didn’t waste too much energy on it though, and just went with the flow as best I could. It helped me start out slow, which was important.

Mile 1 9:27
Mile 2 (8:55 ave)
Mile 3 (8:55 ave)

I settled in a good groove, was dry and comfortable, and enjoyed the scenery. High-fived some kids. I thought the course felt very rolling, with lots of little uphills. It was tough. We got some bursts of rain and wind.

Mile 4 8:32
Mile 5 8:51
Mile 6 8:28
Mile 7 8:29
Mile 8 8:29
Mile 9 8:41
Mile 10 8:41

Somewhere in here my right knee started hurting. The same place where I was so sore after my last marathon. This injury hadn’t even surfaced in 14 weeks but it appears today?! I decide it’s really like a 3 on the scale of discomfort and ignore it. It eventually passed.

A BIG highlight of this race happened around here too. Who do I see ahead of me but Steve Runner of the Phedippidations podcast! This guy is awesome and I am a big fan of the podcast. I ran up and said hello, and introduced myself – I’ve sent him race reports and emails, so I think he remembered me. He was really nice and we exchanged encouragement, then I ran on ahead. So cool. He does the podcast while running, so I wonder if I’ll make it on the show?

Then, I hear it… Wellesley! You really can hear it coming. I gave high-fives and yelled out. I’ve never yelled in a race before! I did it a bunch this day. I’m loving this.

Mile 11 8:39
Mile 12 8:33
Mile 13 8:58 (Half 1:54:38, 8:45 pace)
Mile 14 8:39
Mile 15 8:46

In this stretch, after Wellesley but before the hills, I got a side cramp. I put up with it for a while, but finally decided to walk it out. This was hard to do with so many spectators, but I knew it was my only chance of shedding the cramp. This worked and I felt fine the rest of the way, stomach-wise.

The hills were big. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but ya. Long hills. They aren’t steep, just long. I ran up them all at a slower pace but strong. The crowds were heavy and I especially loved running by Boston College. Like Wellesley with guys and beer. I yelled more there. Heartbreak Hill was especially tough, and turned out to be my slowest mile by far. I walked briefly at some water stops and once to eat some oranges. At one point my other knee started to stiffen up, and my legs were definitely getting tired. My pace slowed down, but I stayed really consistent.

Mile 16 9:10
Mile 17 9:18
Mile 18 9:15
Mile 19 9:03
Mile 20 9:30
Mile 21 10:21

After that, it was all downhill except a couple bumps. My lungs were good, but my legs were sore. I finally decided to take my long sleeve shirt off, so I was in singlet and shorts. Hopefully I got a couple Marathon Photo shots since only then did I show my bib #. I took my last water at mile 23. I really loved this last part. The crowds, there’s the Citgo sign! There’s my family!!! Yaaaaaa! I probably saw them about quarter mile from the end, and I sprinted it in, huge smile on my face.

Mile 22 9:03
Mile 23 9:24
Mile 24 9:21
Mile 25 9:07
Mile 26.2 10:33 (8:47 ave) !

Official Time 3:55:18 (8:59 average pace)


I’m really proud of my time, even though it is my slowest marathon time yet. I’d hardly use the phrase “personal worst.” This was the best yet, by far.

After the race my legs were so sore, no surprise there, and I got so cold! I got that space blanket, my medal, then found my family just on the other side of the fence and got dry clothes (and my Boston jacket!). I picked up my sweats bag and we headed out. The ride back to Cambridge was fun, with lots of runners packed on the T.

The rest of the trip was great, Boston is a really fun city. Monday night we celebrated with dinner and drinks, and watched my San Jose Sharks win a playoff game. Of course they won, it was a perfect day.

Tuesday my legs felt all right. We had a late flight out, so we got up and went to Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market. I went to Bill Rodgers’ running store, where I met the beautiful and amazing Kathy Switzer. I’d bought a photo of her famous run over in Faneuil Hall, and she signed it for me. Wow.

I loved this race. I am so amazed and impressed that this event lived up to everything I’d heard. Everyone in Boston was so great, and the marathon was classic. Incredible.

We’ll definitely be going back to Boston, I want to really see the city and all the history, and also see how it looks in the sun. And I don’t know when, but I’ll run the marathon there again. I can’t wait.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Wow. Just Wow.

Monday 26.2 miles/3:55:18/8:59 average pace

Fantastic. The weather was much better than they predicted. The people along the course were so amazing and loud! Heartbreak hill was a killer. I saw my parents and Zach as I ran toward the finish on Boylston street. Everything about it was incredible.

Highlights of the weekend so far:

I met Bill Rodgers!!!

I ran with Steve Runner of my most favoritest podcast Phedippidations!!!

I got tons of Boston Marathon swag and love every overpriced thing I got.

I'm having a blast with my parents and Zach.

I'm going to a bar to watch the sharks kick ass.

I ran the freaking Boston Marathon.

SO much more to follow when I get home. Thanks for all the good luck wishes everyone, it really helped!! Can't wait to share the rest with you all. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Last Pre-Race Run, and Boston Marathon Goals

Friday 5.0 miles/41:37/8:20 average pace

I just got in from a beautiful run. It's so warm and nice here- maybe 72 degrees- it's just hard to imagine dealing with stormy weather! But I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm sure I'll look forward to coming home to sunny California after.

My run felt fantastic- easy, smooth, and powerful. I did push the last mile (7:47), but otherwise felt perfectly tuned into my "run forever" pace. I was listening to Steve Runner's latest Phedippidations podcast, which was about the 1982 Boston Marathon "Duel in the Sun" between Dick Beardsly and Alberto Salozar, and it really inspired me. I am so excited to take part in this legendary road race. I'm sure I'll run it again someday, but this first time is going to be an amazing experience. :)

I am really looking forward to running this race without a solid time goal. Previously I have ran with a very specific time goal, and the absolute expectation that I would meet that goal. The pressure on myself seems to work, but it's such a relief to run without it! My number one goal is to enjoy this race.

I expect that I will be able to run about 3:45 (8:35 pace) no problem. I'm going to go with the conditions, though, and if it's real rough out there then I'll slow down. I have no problem finishing in four hours or more as long as I've got a big smile on my face as I cross the finish line. However, I also have no problem finishing in 3:40 or faster, or even getting a sweet PR. I know it's a long shot, but I am not placing any limits on myself!

I will run this race smart, I am going to handle the hills, and plan to finish strong. I would like to run the whole distance without walking, which is not a major goal but would be pretty cool. I've only done that once- at CIM- but once is enough to know I can do it.

I cannot wait to share my race report!! Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog, even if you don't comment, I really appreciate it! I am so grateful for the support of you all. This is really an amazing community. Thanks. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

??? Marathon Monday Weather ???

This is so exciting. We've all heard how the weather in New England is totally unpredictable...

I received this email notice on Wednesday:

Wednesday, April 11 - As the Boston Athletic Association continues to make preparations for Monday's Boston Marathon, we are monitoring the upcoming weather conditions forecast for this area. Based on the National Weather Service's most recent report and in cooperation with the Executive Office of Public Safety (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, together with the eight cities and towns along the 26.2-mile marathon route, we are planning for likely heavy rain and windy conditions on race day. However, all race day plans remain the same. The Boston Athletic Association advises participants in Monday's race to plan accordingly for their run, bringing with them gear and apparel to suit the conditions. The B.A.A. will continue to update its web site as necessary.

The various websites I've been checking all showed something like a Perfect Storm including huge winds and rain and/or snow. !!!!!

Then today,

"Worst of Weekend Storm Could Come Before Marathon"

It's going to be a marathon to remember no matter what!! Since I'm not going for a PR or anything, I'm not too worried. I'll do my best to stay dry and warm, and nothing can stop me from having fun. This is just crazy, the weather forecast is all over the place. Stay tuned!!!

edit to add: My BIB # is 14944. I'll figure out how the athlete-tracker thing works and post some info about it asap. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

La La La Laaaa

Wednesday 5.0 miles/41:36/8:19 average pace


Feeling super, totally dialed into my "run forever" pace, happy, excited, yay!

I decided that I'm allowed to be nervous and anxious and stressed for 3 more days (including today) but from the moment I wake up Saturday morning I am only allowed to be happy. I don't want to waste a single second of this whole experience in a crummy mood. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Nothing much to report, I'm in LA for work today and tomorrow.

Monday morning I went to the pool for an easy, short swim of 500 meters. There was hardly anyone in the pool, it was so nice!

I'm doing nothing today (sweet) and going for a run tomorrow morning. I've stayed at this hotel before so I've got a little park loop I know. I don't even know how far I'll run- 5 miles? Then I will run Friday morning, 5 or so miles I guess, then I'm OFF to Boston!!! We leave Saturday morning and arrive around 8pm Saturday night. Weee!

My leg is feeling just fine, it was really only sore Saturday after the hard (as in awesome) run. Probably just my body telling me to taper like a fool this week to make sure I'm ready to rock monday. And rock I shall!

Ok gotta go. :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! & Week 2 Review

Working backwards...
Saturday 12.0 miles/1:42:40/8:32 average pace
Zach and I ran this entire run together, and more power to him, because I was IN THE GROOVE. I always run my very best this last long run before the marathon. I'm in the best shape I've been in in months, I'm relatively well rested, I'm pumped up, and I'm fast. Zach kept up until the last mile, which I laid down in 7:43. And the route was the hilliest one I run. Besides the huge hills and the last mile, I was very consistent especially the last half- right on my marathon pace. :)
8:51 (hill!)
9:08 (vicious hill)
My left leg was pretty sore the rest of the day though, so I am going to take it very easy this coming week. That's what this week is for- complete recovery. I know I'm not getting any faster at this point, so resting is the best thing I can do. I don't know what's up with my leg, it's very off and on, so I'll just err on the side of caution.
Friday I swam before work 15 laps = 750 m in about 22 minutes. Fun. :)
Also, let's not forget another great run:
Thursday 8.0 miles/1:08:54/8:37 average pace
This run felt great too. The distance was short (I'd been doing 10-11 miles on Thursdays) so I had tons of energy throughout. I ran 7:51 for the last mile.
Then I lifted weights with Zach at the gym- biceps and back, plus abs. I will probably skip lifting altogether next week, so this was a great "last lift" before Boston. :)
I might do the math later, but this week may have been my FASTEST in terms of average pace for the entire week. Every one of my four runs contained at least one sub-8 minute mile. My average pace was sub 9 for all runs. In fact, I probably only ran a couple of 9:00+ miles all week. My confidence is high and I am READY for Boston.

TOTAL miles for this fine, fine week: 32
PLUS: 2x swimming for a total of 1500 meters.
2x weight lifting
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tempo 222222222222sday

Tuesday 8.0 miles/1:05:20/8:10 average pace

(the title is a shout out to my Mileage Game Team on the Running Times/Runango Forums: Team 222222222222)

What a fantastic run. I did the exact same workout last Tuesday, but I felt a thousand times better this week.

2 miles warm up:

4 miles Tempo Pace:

2 miles cool down:

Immediately after the run, Zach and I headed up to the gym to lift weights. We did chest and shoulders, plus core. *flexes*

This morning I got up and went to the pool and had a great swim. It was NOT busy at all, so I did not have to share a lane. At times, I was hardly sharing the pool! It was sweet. I did 15 laps = 750m in 20 minutes! I actually focused on swimming 5 laps = 250m without stopping, then resting between sets. It went pretty well! I felt really strong and focused on reaching forward and "winding up" as the Total Immersion book says, then pulling slow and steady back. I was consistently taking about 18 strokes per length. I went hard the last lap but did not time myself. Then I sat outside in the hot tub for a few minutes and thought about how unfair it is that I have to work today. :D

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday competition

Monday 4.0 mile/33:40/8:25 average pace

So, I am really excited for Zach and his new found love and talent for running, but come on. This was supposed to be an easy/recovery run, and we ended up literally racing at full speed in the final stretch. And the really sick thing is, he beat me. Ya, I know, he couldn't run 20+ miles, but still, NO FAIR!!! :D ha ha, no I really am super proud of him, and I LOVE the thought of having someone push me. Or rather, making me push myself. He's the first to admit that I"m "the runner" but man, this really brings out my ego. I like to tease him and make him feel bad about "leaving me in the dust" but it's all a joke. I am so lucky to have him. He's my perfect husband, my best friend, and now, my running buddy. :)

Here's "our" splits (eye roll)


I am doing today's run alone, but it would be nice to have a pacer for my Tempo miles... :)

Week 2 Schedule- Ack!!!

TWO weeks till Boston. Holy moly!

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 8 miles with 4 Tempo Pace (+ Upper Body and core ST)

Wednesday: (swim)

Thursday: 8 miles (+ Upper Body and core ST)

Friday: (swim)

Saturday: 12 miles

Sunday: (swim)

TOTAL miles scheduled for the week: 32

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Reclaiming my Run

Saturday 16.0 miles/2:21:41/8:51 average pace

After a less-than-stellar week, I was nervous about this long run. I was specifically worried about that dang side stitch, and I was generally worried about my skill as a runner. This is what happens to me during the taper.

I realized at some point yesterday morning that I was basically dealing with some kind of attitude problem. I had "runner's block." My head was filled with negative thoughts, doubt, and anxiety. The good news is that I realized this. I actively pushed aside the negative thoughts and forced myself to think positive. Literally, I thought "This is going to suck..." and immediately replaced it with "I'm going to do great." Just saying the words to myself, and intercepting the negative thoughts, worked perfectly. I had a great run. I was denying my body permission to run well. Not that I think I gave myself that side stitch, although maybe I did, but there's an incredible mind-body connection. Finally, after almost three years of running, I am aware of this and I realize that I am in control.

Zach and I drove up to the Lafayette-Moraga trail, which is a pretty but somewhat hilly run. He did the first 11 miles with me. :) I ran a huge negative split, which I owe partly to the course - I ran the hard hills at the beginning of the run.

I did the first 8 miles in 1:13:20, a 9:10 average pace.

The last 8 miles took me 1:08:21, five full minutes faster, for a 8:33 average pace. That isn't skewed by any fast miles either, I was pretty consistent 8:20-8:40.

Yesterday after my fantastic run, and while rejoicing in my new positive attitude, I thought about Boston, and my goals there. Of course my #1 goal is to have fun. I don't really care exactly how fast or slow I go, but I want to enjoy every mile. I feel confident that I can do this. :) Specifically, I plan to start the race at a comfortable pace, saving myself for the hills in the last half. I plan to take a pace of about 8:30 ish and assuming it feels easy, hang there for the first half. If all goes well, I will run strong through the hills and to the finish and finish around 3:40-3:45. So I guess my goal is to get a second-best time (that is, beat my 3:45 Avenue of the Giants time). If it's a dream day, I'll get the BQ, but I'm not going to really plan for that. Low 3:40's would definitely please me. If the early miles don't feel easy, if it really just isn't that kind of day, I will back off the pace and do my best. I know Boston is a tough course, but I'm a good runner. I'm not that fast, but I'm consistent, I'm smart, and I'm freaking queen of the negative split. My goal is to prove this at Boston. :) And to have the experience of a lifetime.

We went swimming today, I did 20 laps = 1000 meters in about 32 minutes. It was so fun, Zach and I shared a lane - he swam his 1000 without stopping :O in just over 20 minutes. Holy moly! I definitely stopped to rest, but not too much. I swam slow and focused on my form and felt strong.

I actually swam and ran the same number of times this week. Obviously ran a lot longer each time though.

TOTAL miles for week 3: 34.5

PLUS 3x swimming for a total of 2500 meters, and 2x upper body and core weights.