Monday, August 06, 2007

Beerathlon and Weekly Wrap up

Saturday's bike ride: 20.0 miles/1:19:54/15.0 MPH

Followed by super short transition run:

.5 mile/3:53/7:47 average pace

We got a late start again, about 10:00, and it was really warm out already. But we had a blast and rode our bikes all the way up to Danville and back. Since the ride was longer than planned, we did a super short brick run.

After cooling down and stretching, we decided to take our bikes into the bike shop for our free "30-day" tune up (it's been more like 90 days, but oh well). Rather than drop them off and have to walk home, Zach put his in the car and drove there. I felt like riding though, so I rode the 2.2 miles to the bike shop in about 10 minutes. We dropped the bikes off and picked out new helmets (the one thing that we didn't get on the big shopping spree last week). We had lunch and a couple of beers at the sports bar next to the bike shop for a while. When we finished, I decided I would run home. It was over 90 degrees, and Zach thought I was crazy, but I grabbed a cold water bottle and I was off:

2.0 miles/16:30/8:15 average pace

So it was a long bike +brick run +short bike + beers and a BLT + short run. I call it beerathlon. I don't recommend it. :D

Later Saturday afternoon we drove into SF and went to the beach, then had dinner at the Beach Chalet. I got a few cool pictures which I will put up later.

Sunday we got hit with a cold front, so it didn't get above the 60's all day. We were planning on swimming in the lake, but decided the pool was more welcoming. I swam 1000 meters in a new personal record time: approximately 20:30! AND I actually kicked one lap which took me about 1:30, 30 seconds longer than my average swim lap. Sweet! My time was so good because we ended the workout with some timed 50s- I did 3 laps for time and hit about 45 seconds each time. nice! Zach did two right over 30 seconds. :O Holy smokes.

TOTAL miles last week: 16.5
PLUS 25.2 miles bike
PLUS 1850 meters swim

Here's my plan for the coming week
Mon: 5 miles hills
Tues: swim am (Work dinner PM)
Wed: 6 miles group
Thurs: swim am, bike pm
Fri: 8 miles am
Sat: 15-20 miles bike, 1-2 miles brick run
Sun: long OWS

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