Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday run and Swim course preview

Thursday 8.0 miles/1:11:26/8:56 average pace

A nice easy long run in the morning. Not too exciting, although I did run every step of the way- no stopping at street crossings or anything. I listened to the Extra Mile Podcast and really liked it! The runners (Kevin, Chris, and Nigel, plus guests) all record while running, so I felt like they were out there with me. :) I'm going to figure out how to record an audio file (not while running- that takes special equipment) and send it in.

Then yesterday evening we went for a swim in the lake where our Tri is being held tomorrow (tomorrow!!!). I did 6 lengths of the designated swimming area (140 yards) for a total of 840 yards in 19:10.

Zach had a rough time though- he swallowed some water right after he started and had a panicky moment, but recovered and finished his swim. I think it kind of threw him off, and I know it pissed him off. He doesn't have too many "bad" workouts, so this was a learning experience for him. He has to get his confidence back and let this go. I know it's something he has to figure out for himself, so I didn't say too much besides basically "welcome to my life" ha ha. He's feeling much better today though and is ready for the race tomorrow.

I admit I"m pretty nervous too- we will be swimming out in the deep lake (not just in the designated swimming area) with lots of other people, which I'm not sure makes me feel better or worse. I'm a little nervous about riding my bike with lots of other people too, and I still feel like I have no idea how the transition area works. Man I just can't wait to get this thing under my belt.

My only goals are- finish, have a super fun time, and learn everything I can. The race is not timed or ranked, so I'll just get my splits on my watch for my own records. I suppose one goal I have is to be faster than Zach on the run portion. He'll definitely finish ahead of me, but I have to defend my title as the runner in the family! I'll post a report as soon as possible along with pictures and probably a few funny stories like how I ran out of the transition area with my helmet on, swam the wrong direction, and/or was last place on the bike. Wish me luck!!


Marathon Maritza said...

GOOD LUCK! I know you both will have a great time and do well! And you won't have this how-does-a-transition-work-can-I-ride-slash-swim-with-other-people thing hanging over your head and you will be a true triathlete!!!!

If you need more motivation than that, remember that there are celebratory margaritas awaiting you in the evening with your favorite protege.

Still need more inspiration?

Go JEN Go! *herky* *scissors-split* *jazz hands*

Fran said...

Good luck to both of you! Learn lots!