Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting the Worm

Friday 12.0 miles/1:50:07/9:10 average pace

Got up this morning with Zach at 5:15 am. I'm just going to say that again- I got up at freaking 5:15 this morning! I know some of you guys do that every single day (Michele would probably be done by then!), and I admire you, but I'm more of a 7:30 kinda girl. But Zach's been on a kick lately of getting workouts in before he leaves for work at 6:30, and I've been trying to get in some longer runs, so I joined in his crazy pre-dawn run.

Not making excuses, but I should mention I went bowling last night after work and had a few beers, then ate a pretty small dinner, and didn't sleep that great, so I was feeling a little rough this morning. Tired (obviously, it was the middle of the night still) but also some hangover-esque stomach issues. I ate a banana before the run and brought a water bottle.

We did 4 miles together, then back at the house Zach got ready for work and I made a pit stop, refilled my water, and ate a couple Clif Blocks. Back out the door for 8 more miles with Steve Runner on my iPod and a little more spring in my step. I felt pretty good and only took a couple walk breaks (once to refill my water again). My pace ranged from 8:58-9:30 so pretty consistent.

So I've been awake a disturbing 5 hours and ran 12 miles already, and it's barely 10:00 am. But, it is FRIDAY! :)

Also, best of luck going out to Steven at Ironman Canada this weekend! Let's all keep him in mind as we get through our "long" workouts this weekend... remember, it could be a hell of a lot longer! :) Have a great weekend!


jahowie said...

I'm more of a 7:00 a.m. person too. I don't know how some of these people jump out of bed at 5:00 and workout almost every day. Nice job on the run though. Especially with a belly full of hops and barley. :-)

Michele said...

HeHe!!! With the time diff I was done when you started this morning :)
It was really hard getting up early when I first started but now it is just what I do.
Congrats on your run

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

What's with this sleeping in until 5am stuff? ;-)

6 or 7 hours on a bike...not a chance I could stand that. I am ready to kill myself after anything more than an hour on the thing.

Curro Ergo Sum said...

There is something rewarding about getting up early and getting those runs done first thing... something. I'm not sure if I always remember what that something is at 5AM, though, and I tend to hit the snooze button. Good job.

Ryan said...

SWEET early run... I love it! Nice job... I've got a 5:15 AM wake up call coming tomorrow... what, that's like 3:15 AM Pacific... will you be up?

Bob Gentile said...

I am more of an afternoon evening runner :-) ... best wishes to all u morning freaks, looks like the ONLY time I will start early is during race days--LOL

Have a great week Jen

Mir said...

Back in blogland at last...

Whew, I didn't even know the world existed that early! =P I hear ya though, I salute people who are able to get up that early on a regular basis.

Congrats on your awesome tri!!