Friday, August 10, 2007

Some miles and Boston plans

Thursday 8.0 miles/1:13:12/9:09 average pace

Friday 5.0 miles/42:52/8:34 average pace

Two runs in the morning, both at an easy pace and did not use the inhaler. Thursday Zach got up with me to try out some morning running, so we were out the door at 5:45- he has to leave for work by 7, but not me. In fact, even after 8 miles I still had time to clean the kitchen and take my time getting ready for work. It was kinda nice! Both runs felt relaxed and easy.

Thursday evening I also went to the pool for a quick swim after work- just 500 meters, but I did it in 10:02. I was trying to get under 10 minutes, but not quite there yet. Still, I am really improving! Might go swimming tonight at the lake after work. I skipped my bike ride last night since I'd already ran and swam, but I felt guilty about it (especially since Zach went). I need to suck it up and get on that bike! Zach tried encouraging me by showing me that in some of the Triathlons I might be able to really compete in my Age Group with my run and swim times, but I really need to work on the bike. Of course who knows how I'll do even in running and swimming when I get to the race, but I can confidently say I'm going to be pretty sorry on the bike.

Anyway, in some very exciting news, I spent a portion (hehe) of my work day yesterday registering, reserving, and signing up for all kinds of stuff!!!

1- Bought plane tickets to fly to Spokane, Washington in October where I will spend a couple days with my Mom and Dad, then we'll head over to Helena, Montana where they live for a short visit with friends and family. Can't wait to see my Grandma and my cousin's new baby! Plus one of my best friends is having a baby soon. I'll also get in a few runs in both Spokane and Helena which will be cool. :)

2- Registered for California International Marathon to be held December 2nd.

3- Reserved hotel in Sacramento for the marathon.

4- Sent off my deposit to Marathon Tours for my hotel in BOSTON! Yay!


Bob Gentile said...

Anyway, in some very exciting news, I spent a portion (hehe) of my work day yesterday registering, reserving, and signing up for all kinds of stuff!!!
LOLOL shhhhhh I won't tell ur

Marathon Maritza said...

I'm so excited you're planning on running Boston again this year...I have to say it was SO MUCH fun and chills-enducing to keep refreshing the marathon tracking site to see how you were doing!

So yeah, basically I want you to do it strictly for my personal entertainment. ;-)

You rock, coach!

jkrunning said...

So exciting! Boston is one of my favorite cities. Enjoy it.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You did get some work done,too...right? ;-)

Good job with the runs and swim.

Fran said...

You'll beat that 10 minutes next time. i've been thinking of making a hotel reservation for boston even though it's putting the cart before the horse. I'm thinking it would force me to buckle down a bit.

Michele said...

Cool, exciting plans

Great swim

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