Thursday, August 02, 2007

Progression Long(ish) Run

These types of runs, especially long runs of this type, are really good for maintaining speed and effort at the end of a long race. However, my progression run was completely unintentional! I made a point to not look at my watch since I knew I wouldn't be fast- it was hot, I was tired and dehydrated from the trip, etc. I only noticed this negative splitting when reviewing my run a few hours later.

Wednesday 9.0 miles/1:20:12/8:55 average pace




I didn't swim this morning because I was kind of sick over night and didn't sleep well. I feel better today so I plan on riding my bike tonight as scheduled.

Jahowie asked about my bike, and I realzied I never did post any pictures! I'll try to do that soon. It is a Trek hybrid bike- it has an almost-road bike frame and flat handlebars like a mountain bike. It is comfortable to ride around but it's obviously not a real racing bike and we're already talking about getting road bikes (Zach especially). They were less expensive than any road bikes we could have got, so good "starter" bikes - good for commuting and our first sprint triathlons. Here is a picture of my bike from the web:

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jahowie said...

Thanks for posting the pic of your bike. Looks comfy. :-) Hope you feel better soon.