Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Monday 7.0 miles/56:51/8:08 average pace

I had one of those runs that makes up for a million bad runs. The kind of run that explains why I am a runner. A run that boosts my confidence into the stratosphere and gives me high hopes for my next race. A super freaking awesome run.

I used my inhaler for the second time, anticipating a fast paced run with Zach. We did 3 miles together and I kept up with him no problem- our first 3 miles were 8:42, 8:13, 8:08. Usually at this point I'm cursing Zach (to myself) for being so flippin' fast and I'm struggling to keep up. Not this time! He cut his run short but I continued on for another 4 miles. I put my headphones on and jammed. I was flying! It felt easy. Really effortless. Finally on the last mile I decided I would push it - but even that mile never felt hard! My last 4 mile splits were: 8:25, 8:18, 7:40, 7:25.

This great run was a combination of factors but one of them has to be the easy breathing. I didn't realize how much my breathing was limiting me. I never would notice it on a recovery run or a long run, because I don't push into that "discomfort" zone. And lately I've been doing almost ALL of my weekly mileage at that easy pace. But at Tempo pace or on hills, I am specifically limited by my inability to take in enough air. I think I was avoiding those kinds of workouts because they were so hard for me. Now I have no excuse and I'm going to get out there and run hard! Nothing is stopping me from getting faster. yay!!

This morning I got up and went to the pool. I did 750 meters in about 16 minutes. I really want to get with a swim coach and get some tips and drill ideas. I think I can improve my swimming form a lot! I'm going to research this later.

In breaking news, I am thinking about going back to Boston next year. My previous BQ gets me into that race too (the Boston Athletic Association rules are a bit confusing, but I'm sure of this) besides that I will probably requalify at CIM this fall. (see how high my confidence is?? ha ha!)


jahowie said...

You are too awesome!! I'm glad that the inhaler is working out for you.

Michele said...

What a great run. Congrats!!!

Great news about Boston too. Maybe someday I can BQ.

jkrunning said...

That is awesome! I would love to do Boston someday.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

That's one awesome run! Great job. Yes, breathing is a good thing. ;-)

As for the beerathlon, I'm going to take a pass on that one. I think you probably have the world record for it.

Bob Gentile said...

ahhhh So Glad u had one of those Runs... ur smooth :-)

Awesome Goal to get back to Boston, ummm let me see...Ask Mike

I know Mike has run the Boston M. a few times and is a great guy to ask about the rules, He is a good peep...you can email him or just stop by his blog...hope that helps :-)

Bob Gentile said...

oops if u read Mike's header Boston is His main event...

"Now doing 2-3 marathons per year with Boston as the main event for the last 7 consecutive years."

So yes contact him & get some Boston tips for ur next years PR :-)

GB said...

It sounds like you had an "epic" run, chica!

I'm debating whether or not to go back to Boston in '08, or wait until '09 (yea, I am feeling as confident as you)! :-)

I'm so glad you're feeling GREAT!

Ryan said...

Awesome run, Jen... love those effortless runs. Great enthusiasm.

I'm in the same boat with Boston. I'm already qualified from my Chicago '07 time, but I don't want to punch the same ticket twice. I will RE-QUALIFY and see you there!!!