Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hangin with the cool kids, My swim crush, and more

Thanks for all the replies on the Tri report. What a blast, I can't wait for the next one! The triathlon was indeed in Pleasanton, GB, at Shadow Cliffs Park. I recommend it for a first Tri! (click here for main website)

Ok so catching up!

Sunday- the day after the tri, we went for a nice hike out at Del Valle Lake and scoped out a good swimming spot. Our hike was pretty tough, and we covered about 2.5 miles total in about an hour. Whew!

TOTAL miles for last week: 24.1

PLUS 1740 m swim and 11 miles bike

Monday- now we were ready for a REAL rest day. It was nice.

Tuesday am- SWIM 1000 m in approx 24 minutes (forgot watch)

Tuesday pm- BIKE 10 miles/39:30/15.2 MPH
Nice ride in Dublin on the Iron Horse Trail. Man that headwind kicks my ass.

Wednesday- 5.35 miles/43:09/8:04 average pace
Killer run. I used my inhaler (only the 4th time so far) and the good news is I had no problem breathing! However, the run was anything but easy. We ran with the group and Zach and I started out nice and fast, hanging with the "cool kids" as I call them (the fast people). Well, this was a Graveyard Loop day, which is a super hilly course, and the cool kids dropped me like a ton of bricks on the hills. I got schooled. :) It was awesome. We had several sub 8 miles and even the killer hill mile was 8:30 or so. It was in the upper 80s and I was a bit dehydrated, and pushing the pace on those hills was super intense. Knowing my limit, I took a few walk breaks and didn't feel bad about it. It was a great run. Maritza got there early and stayed late like a kiss-ass. Just kidding! She actually was out there to run 11 freaking miles, making the rest of us look like wussies. :P Great job Maritza!!! She's rocking the Pfitz plan and getting very pumped about NYC Marathon. Check out her blog and give her some love! :)

And lastly-
Thursday am- SWIM 750 m in 15:02 Whoo hoo! I am getting close to that 2:00/100 m barrier which is awesome. There is a woman at the pool who I think I'm in love with- she is possibly the fastest swimmer on the planet. I could just watch her swim all day. Today we were the only 2 in the pool and she makes me look like I'm floating in place. She rocks. One day I'll work up the nerve to tell her so.


Donald said...

Hi - thanks for commenting on my blog, and congrats on your recent tri finish.

I've found that swimming improvements seem to happen incrementally, and then one day you look up and are surprised that you're swimming 5-10 seconds faster per 100. That's a great feeling - you'll get there.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like a great run in the hills. Good job!

jahowie said...

I hope that I can be as fast as you someday. It sounds like you have some nice areas to train in. People like YOU are my inspiration. ;-)