Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Las vegas!

First, catching up on last week:

Friday 6.2 miles/57:03/9:12 average pace

Easy run in the morning before work.

Saturday Bike 15 miles/59:19/15.2 MPH followed by

2.0 miles/16:20/8:10 average pace

The bike ride was hard at first because of a headwind, but was fun on the way back! We immediately set off on the run and it went pretty well. It was hard- my heart rate was already up and my legs were tired, but it seemed easy to slip into a fast pace. Maybe it's the fact that I was moving so fast on the bike and my body wanted to hang onto that momentum. Really tough workout for sure.

Saturday afternoon we drove into SF and went on a shopping spree at Sports Basement in the Presidio. This is a super warehouse of athletic gear and clothes and it has an enormous Triathlon section. Plus everything else a person could ever need and discounted prices. We each got tri shorts and tops, cycling jerseys, Zach got bike shorts, I got sunglasses, some running shorts, we got seat bags for our bikes, flat repair kit, frame-mounted bike pump, and more stuff I can't remember. We had a 20% off coupon so we saved a ton. :)

Total miles for the week: 18.2

Plus 23 miles bike, 1500 meters swim

Then we were off to Vegas! The quick summary is that we lounged by the pool till noon or so every day, gambled a bit (did pretty well!), ate good food and enjoyed many good drinks at our hotel- New York New York, spend one afternoon/evening at the beautiful Wynn casino, shopped a lot, and crashed out pretty early each night. It was super fun. Here are a few pics:

I drank/shopped/lounged away two days of this week so I've got some making up to do training-wise. I'm about to head out for a longish run since I have the day off, then here's the rest of the week plan:
thurs: swim am, bike pm
fri: run am
sat: bike/run
sun: swim


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Vegas. Hope the weather was good, it looked like it in the pictures.

Wow, quite a shopping spree! If you havn't been riding in bike/tri shorts, you are going to find a big difference comfort wise riding in them. Have fun with the new gear!

Michele said...

Sounds like a great shopping spree and vacation. Great pics.

miss petite america said...

i'm in vegas now. though just the airport.

and holy cow i got to get my ass to this sports basement!!! thanks for the tip!

jkrunning said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I hope to make it to Vegas someday with my hubby, it sounds like so much fun.

jahowie said...

Looks like you had a great time!! What kind of bike are you riding?

Marathon Maritza said...

I LOVE that second to last picture...that is the classic Vegas shot! Turning the camera, holding drinks, laughing hysterically, alcohol-induced-slightly-pink faces!

LOVE IT! Glad you had a blast, but I missed you!