Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Biking Weekend

2 big bike rides to report:

Saturday 22.0 miles/1:28:00/14.9 mph

Followed by

1.0 mile run/7:53

Allright! Got the weekend off to a big start with a long bike ride and a fast little brick run. Saturday afternoon we went to the San Jose jazz festival and met up w/ my brother and sister-in-law for dinner. Super fun day.

Today we planned to go swimming, but before we got around to it we decided to go for an easy fun bike ride. Well we ended up feeling really ambitious and adventurous and did a 20 mile hilly ride!

20 miles/1:24:00/14.3 mph

We did a big ol' loop that included a 4-mile long incline and a few fun declines too. It was pretty exciting because we hadn't done much riding besides on the flat (boring) rails-to-trails bike path by our house. But today we were on the roads and riding up hills, it was rad. So I ended up riding 42 miles this weekend! :O Cool.

TOTAL miles run this week: 21

plus 42 miles bike (sweet)

plus only 1250 m swimming

I am heading down to Long Beach for work, so incorporating that into the schedule we have:

Monday: 8-9 miles longish run L.A.

Tuesday: (when home) bike ride (to pool) and swim

Wednesday: group run 6-8 miles

Thursday: short OWS

Friday: easy run 3-4 miles


Sunday: walk around calling myself a Triathlete :)

Some more cool pictures since I just uploaded and organized a bunch:

Last weekend at the beach (we're big fans of the self-portrait):

Windmill at Golden Gate Park:

In vegas, representing SJ Sharks:


jahowie said...

Nice legs!! :-)

Marathon Maritza said...

OMG I LOVE the bangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!