Monday, January 09, 2006

Beautiful Day

Saturday 8.03 miles/1:19:43/9:56 average pace

Finally ran with my running buddy after way too long! We had a good time and the weather was beautiful. My legs felt good, and I'm glad I didn't push it. Now I can go into this week feeling 100%. :)

Oh, and Sunday walked 4.14 miles w/ Zach at the pretty resivoir. We kept a good walking pace- about 15:00, so it was a decent workout.

Weekly total: 23.03 miles

Here's my plan for this week

Monday: 5.5 miles GA w/ Zach
Tuesday: 3.5 miles Recovery TM
Wednesday: 6.0 miles GA Group
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3 easy
Saturday: 12 long
Sunday: rest/active recovery: snowshoe

Total: 30 miles

That's the ideal plan. If I'm sore I will cut it back, but I am going to try for 30.

New to the schedule is the Thursday rest day. This is an attempt to change a schedule habit I adopted many months ago that doesn't make sense anymore. I was sandwiching my long run between two rest days, and running 4 days straight besides that. This began when I was injured (knee) and was paranoid of missing a long run, so I catered my whole week to it. Obviously, the more logical approach is to run three days in a row, rest one, run two (including long run), rest one. So I'm trying it this week. The key is running a short and easy one the day before the long run.

Also new this week is the "active recovery" day. I have seen this on a training schedule my friend follows, and I like it. Especially because I would like to start doing more things outdoors like snowshoeing, hiking, skiing. So this gives me "permission" to do those things as long as I take it easy. Previously I didn't allow myself to do anything that might compromise my running. I will probably resume that practice when my marathon training gets serious (march/april) but for now there's no good reason to avoid the pretty snow. :)