Friday, January 06, 2006

News Flash: The Desert is Dry

Wednesday (5.25 total)5.00 miles/41:20/8:16 average pace

Yep, dry. Really really really dry. The Arizona Canal Trail in Phx is nice though, dirt path all the way and lots of fellow parched runners. I almost borrowed water off every single one of them.

I ran hard the last mile, so I was ready to stop at 5.0. But then I was still a ways from my hotel, so I ran another quarter-mile at an easy pace and walked the rest.

Thursday 6.60 miles/1:04:43/9:21 average pace

Ahhhhh humidity. It was so lovely. Ran with Zach in the cool, dark, humid, fabulous California evening. My shins are feeling better but my right calf got a bit crampy on this run. Feels better today.