Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

Ok, three runs to post:

When I last posted, my shins were hurtin! I took Thursday off and they felt a little better Friday, but not great.

Friday 3.0 miles/30:30/10:10 average pace

I ran on the treadmill and had some pain throughout. Hurt pretty bad after the run too. :(

Rested Saturday, even though I reeeeally wanted to run. See, it was the last day in December, and I was on track to get over 100 miles for the month. Also, ended up with that many fewer miles for the year! Oh well, of course it's way more important to be injury-freeeee!

I bought a big 5 gallon bucket which I used several times over the last couple days to ice my lower legs. It's a sweet set up! Way better than rotating ice packs, and I don't have to get in a freezing cold bathtub. Me likey.

TOTAL mileage for December: 94.31

TOTAL MILEAGE FOR 2005: 1208.59 miles!

Sunday morning I was going to go out and run a few miles, but left the number to be determined by how I felt once I was out there. Turns out, felt GREAT! So I did a longish run and loved it. Happy new year to me!

Sunday 9.0 miles/1:23:08/9:14 average pace

Whoo hoo! But holy shit was it windy. It was at my back the first half, so I hardly noticed. But there it was when I turned around. Whhhooosh. I couldn't hear my headphones the whooshing was so loud! At some points, I was really leaning into it, head down, digging in. I was practically the only runner out there this New Years Day, so I felt hard core. I made a point of not looking at my watch, so I was pretty surprised but very pleased w/ my pace and splits (especially with that headwind!). I was really consistant. Here's my splits:

1 9:17
2 9:24
3 9:22
4 9:19
5 9:08
6 9:36
7 9:24
8 8:57
9 8:41 sweet

Another awesome aspect of this run is that I did NOT stop and walk ONCE. There was no traffic, so the street crossings were not an issue, and I didn't need to stop for any other reasons. I am sure this is the longest run in which I did not stop at all (well I guess except my marathon? Did I stop for water before mile 9? not sure)

TOTAL mileage for the week: 28 even.

Allright, finally

Monday 3.15 miles/27:24/8:43 average pace

I ran today and will take tomorrow off, it just is easier this way ( off work today, busy tomorrow). Very surprised that my legs felt good after a rough week and a long run yesterday. But they did! Zach and I ran up to the park, it was really pretty and fun.

Plan for zee week:

Monday: 3.15 GA (done)
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 5 Treadmill easy (travelling)
Thursday: 6 GA w/ Zach (make up for missing group run)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 8-10? Long
Sunday: rest

total: 22-24 ish

Hopefully the three days off this week will result in pain free shins. Will keep up the icing and of course listening closely to my body. I am more than willing to take rest days if I need to. :)


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