Friday, January 27, 2006

Tempo Run

Thursday 4.5 miles total/38:18/8:31 average pace

This might be the first time I've actually done a legitimate tempo run! I've done similar workouts, but this time I went into it armed with knowlege (Pfitzinger Book) and completed the entire workout including warm up and cool down.

The best part is, I let myself recognize my lactate threshold pace without consulting my GPS. I only saw my pace when each mile was completed. I knew going in that my lactate threshold pace is somewhere around 7:45-8:00 ish according to the book.


1 mile warm up 10:00 pace

Tempo Workout:

mile 1: 7:56
mile 2: 7:33
mile 3: 7:53

The second mile was a bit fast, but it felt easier than the first mile. The first and third miles were right on. Yay!

1/2 mile cool down at easy pace (9:something pace, not sure)

My legs felt really good! I iced them all evening and today they are feeling fine. :)