Thursday, March 02, 2006

10 miles mid week- a first!!

Wednesday 10.00 miles/1:30:04/9:00 average pace

Well, I skipped the group run (planned 8 with them)and did a run with Zach. So I went out to run a couple (planned 2) right after work, then he would run 6 with me. Well, I did 3 before returning home, then we did a loop that was 7 miles! I was so excited and proud.

This was my first 10 miler on a weekday. Also, I didn't walk or stop for even a second, also I ran it at a good fast-ish pace! ANDDDD there was a giant hill in the middle! It was a long tough run and I felt fantastic during and after (only a tiny bit of the "good sore" today) I am really proud of this run. It was "one of those" runs that left me with a huge smile on my face. A breakthrough run I guess you could say. Go me.

Oh, and this means I'm on track for a 40 mile week. :)

Today I got up and did 20 minute yoga DVD and I plan on a full body weights work out after work. :)

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