Thursday, March 09, 2006

weekly catch up!

Monday: 4.00 miles/38:35/9:40 average pace

Easy run in the pm with Zach. Felt good. Kinda tripped and almost ate it, but I recovered mid-air. It was amusing.

Tuesday and Wendesday I was in Los Angeles.

Tuesday 7.00 miles total/56:31/8:04 average pace (Santa Monica)

This run was so awesome. I invented a fun new workout called "Race the Parking Meter!" This is how it works: you put enough change in the meter to buy you one hour of parking. You know you are supposed to run 8.00 miles, but you realize you are not *that* fast, so you just try to run as far as possible before the meter expires. GO!

Miles 1-3 were hard: HUGE headwind, then gradual uphill (which feels extreme when running hard!). The return trip was faster, but an even effort. After six miles in 48:08 (8:01 average pace) I saw the parking meter had several minutes left so I did a cool down mile at 8:25 pace. If I subtract the first mile and consider it a warm up (it was 8:50 pace), my middle 5 miles were 7:51 average pace. :) I'm going to call it a "Progression Tempo" run (did I make that up just now? Probably) due to my increasingly speedy splits:

mile 1: 8:50 "warm up" (really it was not, it was just slow due to massive headwind, but let's pretend)

mile 2: 8:24 (uphill)
mile 3: 8:02 (still uphill)
mile 4: 7:52 (down we go!)
mile 5: 7:41
mile 6: 7:20 (!!!!!!)

mile 7: 8:25 "cool down" (it really was, considering it was 1:00 per mile slower than the previous, but still fast)

Oh, and 20 minutes strength training in hotel

And finally on to:

Wednesday 7.50 miles/1:08:51/9:11 average pace (The Strand)

Easy fun run. :)

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