Sunday, March 12, 2006

LR Week 4

Saturday 18.00 miles/2:47:xx/9:20 average pace

I didn't monitor my pace or anything, just ran by feel. I was somewhat surprised to see my average pace at the end. It felt comfortable the whole time!

I actually almost skipped this run, or at least shortened it. I just wasn't as excited about it as I have been for the previous 3 weeks. So Friday night, I told myself that I could do 15-16 since that distance seems so much less intimidating. Also my right hamstring was sore from weight lifting twice this week. (I usually did once). But alas, I got up and felt fine and had a great run.

TOTAL miles for this week: 40.5

I"m off to Hawaii for a week!!!! So no posting. I plan on running every day while there, but no more than 10 miles at a time and all easy miles. No long run this week. I guess I'd predict 30-ish. :)

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