Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Goal Pace Goodness

Tuesday 10.20 miles total/1:25:46/8:25 average pace

10 miles Goal Marathon Pace: 1:23:47/8:23 average pace

then, .2 miles cool down (2:00/10:00 average pace)

I didn't really have a specific pace in mind for this run, because I haven't actually decided what my goal for the marathon is. That's kind of the funny thing about doing GMP runs in training. I figured 8:thirty-something would do the trick. Of course, in the back of my mind is the knowlege that my BQ pace is 8:24 or thereabouts. And of course, these "back of my mind" things tend to move their way up front quickly and become the goal. I honestly have not decided to go for the BQ in my marathon. I will probably make that my best case scenario/dream goal, but I am putting NO pressure on myself. And the waffling begins.

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